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Jennifer Lopez goes on tour

February 13, 2019, 16:45
Updated February 13, 2019, 16:47

Latin American singer Jennifer Lopez announced a tour that will take place in June and July for the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The artist's office was highlighted in a press release that This is my party: a live feast This is Lopez's first tour for six years. This series of 24 concerts will have a very special festive character for the singer, as on July 24, when she will be on the road during the tour, she will become fifty.

This is my party: a live feast will begin his trip on June 7 with a recital in Phoenix (USA). In this month, Lopez will travel to other cities in the south of the country such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas or Houston. Later, the singer will fly to Puerto Rico to perform a concert in San Juan on June 28th.

The second month of This is my party: a live feast It includes dates in Canadian cities like Toronto or Montreal before returning to the United States to close the July 26 tour in Miami.

Always with a foot in the music and another in the cinema, Lopez acts last Sunday in the 61st Grammy edition, where he runs a special gala segment dedicated to the iconic Motown label.

With an elegant dress featuring bright feathers and feathers accompanied by a luxurious ortho-style Motown, Lopez deals with themes in this gala supper like The Marvelettes "The Lord of Mail", ABC The Jackson 5 or My Girl Temptations. In addition, the artist premiered in December last year in American comedy theaters Second Law, in which she appears as a protagonist and producer, and where she is accompanied by the actors of Vanessa Hudgens, Lia Remini and Milo Ventimila.

Second Law focuses on Maya, a woman of Latin American descent who works tirelessly in a supermarket but whose bosses do not recognize their efforts and value.

Maya's life turns 180 degrees when she gets an interview with a multinational company where she will try to show that wisdom on the street costs at least as much as in the classrooms of universities.

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