Saturday , June 12 2021

Jorge Posada joined Marlins

Jorge Posada is a special adviser to Derek Jetter

AP | USA – Jorge Posada I agreed to partner again Derek Jetter, this time in the management of Miami Marlinshe assured the negotiator.

Puerto Rico will work as a special advisor to Jetter, his teammate New York Yankees for a long time and now CEO of Marlins, said the person who spoke to the Associated Press on Tuesday, provided that his identity was not disclosed as the hiring of the former successor of the New York Yankees was not announced. in a formal way

Like Jetter, Posada spent his whole career playing with the Yankees. Posada also resides in South Florida since retiring after the 2011 season.

Posing hit 273 with 275 homors and 1065 strokes in the season in 17 parts with the Yankees. He was also a striker for the latter when Marlins defeated the Yankees in the World Series 2003, linking soft ground to the first base and finishing with pitcher Josh Beckett, giving Florida his second championship.

Since then, Marlins has not played a post-season game.

Jeter enters his second season as the general manager of the team. He has inherited a list of Don Mathilings, a former Yankee ecstastor as his manager, and since then he has added many other Yankee-olds including Gary Denbo, vice president of development; director of the player's staff, Dan Greeny; director of amateurs, DJ Svihlik; and now, Posada.

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