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LG V40 ThinQ, analysis. View with features, pricing, and specifications

The manufacturer, who has so far been the king of flexibility with his smartphone cameras, recently saw that his throne was threatened by Huawei's pressure. on LG V40 who now reaches the European market, strives to solve it in a great way: with five cameras and a design that LG does not usually disappoint. Here you have ours Analysis of the LG V40,

LG V40, technical specifications

LG returns to charging with its newest high-end terminal. The Beginning of 2019 on LG V40 is a reality in Europe, a market where only a few weeks before the start of the MWC 2019, the capital meeting of mobile telephony, and where it is predictable that we know some of the developments that will mark this year's evolution in many parts of the global smartphone,

One of these paths may be that of the cameras, the head that the LG V40 is coming right now. No waiting

LG V40 ThinQ


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845




64 GB or 128 GB UFS 2.1


158.7 x 75.8 x 7.7 mm (169 g)


6.4 inches 19.5: 9 QHD + OLED FullVision (3220 x 1440/538 dpi)


3.300 mAh / Fast Boot QC 3.0

Rear chambers

Standard optics: 12 megapixels (f / 1.5, 1.4 μm and 78 degrees)
Wide angle: 16 Mpixels (f / 1.9, 1.0 μm and 107 degrees)
The phone: 12 megapixels (f / 2.4, 1.0 μm and 45 degrees)

Front Cameras

Standard optics: 8 megapixels (f / 1.9, 1.12 μm and 80 degrees)
Angle: 5MB (f / 2.2, 1.12 μm and 90 degrees)


Android 8.1 Oreo


Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, NFC, and WiFi 802.11ac
USB-C 2.0


IP68 protection, DAC Saber 32-bit HiFi, Boombox sound, HDR10 and Face Detection


999 euros

With a technical sheet adjusted to the basic parameters of what we already have on the market, it is design and multimedia point the one that gives the LG V40 ThinQ differential value. Especially remarkable is the camera. On the one hand, we have an extra of the double front camera or the segmented, an element that is essential for a particular sector of the market. Now we have a second wide-angle lens when we think it's convenient to use it.

The design, the screen, the sound and, of course, the five-camera set are the arguments that rely on the LG V40 as a phone to be used on a daily basis.

On the back of the camera there are innovations that not only improve the size of the first sensor. The second sensor, which covers the role of a wide-angle camera, is no longer alone because it is accompanied by a third one that allows you to have Two increase increase,

LG DNA Design: Good News

The one who has been the standard carrier and pioneer in front of the design with maximum use of screen space offers in this LG V40 design masterpiece. ease, top quality finishing and even resistance to water and dust with IP68 profile are the basis of a design that looks great in hand.

The LG V40 does not encounter a revolution to achieve exceptional design, but sticks to the idea that has been refined. We have a glass cup with an aluminum frame, but where the finish, which LG calls Silky Blast, gets a different feel. Special engraving on tempered glass gives Matte look maintaining a certain level of brightness.

Lg V40 Thinq 5 There may be users on whom the camera module does not convince them, but the LG V40 design is the best ever

The result we love because keeps the back very clean from fingerprints and dirt, Allowing different and changing tones depending on the light. But also that the LG V40 ThinQ gains a lot of grip with this finish, making it one of the nearly 6.5-inch phablets with which it is more comfortable to use.

LG has achieved a comfortable design because of its light weight and thickness while being attractive to the special coating of back-worked glass

For this great feeling in hand it helps the low weight (less than 170 grams) and the reduced thickness, in addition to the fact that it is not a terminal, especially extended by work and the grace of a good frame reduction, which also makes the screen is off, we have a pretty symmetrical front.

The back has its own personality thanks to a three-lens moduleInterestingly, the non-two-tone flash is exported outside this module, which is odd. The good news is that the situation with this camera module is ideal: it does not differ from the design, it is not close to the edges and supports distances with the fingerprint sensor.

Lg V40 Thinq 14

This fingerprint sensor is consolidated at the operating level as a simple and quick way to identify yourself in the LG V40. It quickly registers the fingerprints and instant recognition and gives us access to the system. Simply put your finger on the sensor (no need for the screen to be active) to be identified and get a haptic response from the sensor itself, very fine but noticeable.

There is also face recognition in this LG V40. It works with the front camera and recognizes that it recognizes us with the screen off or we may require a fingertip to slide on the screen after recognizing our face. If we compare the performance of facial recognition to that of fingerprints, we obviously remain with the latter. Except in many controlled and sufficient light conditions, the identification of our face did not convince us.

Like other systems that rely heavily on camera use, there is an option in the settings that prevents system fraud but slows down recognition. We can register more than one "version" of our face using different lighting, with or without beard, glasses, etc.

Lg V40 Thinq 13

We have physical connections a unique button to call Google's assistant directly. You can remove this functionality in the phone's configuration menu, but as always, leaving the lightweight option this button with another feature would be more commonly appreciated.

This button is most accessible to everyone and is always ready to press when you pick up the terminal. But there is no danger of activating it without wanting due to its good construction and route.

The start is on the other side, on the right, and something we like. On the same side, we have the removable tray of the nanoSIM card and microSD. If we prefer, the second tray area can be occupied by a second nanoSIMNow the LG V40 is software-ready for efficient management of the second mobile phone line.

Lg V40 Thinq 2

Finally, we need to talk about what the LG V40's low frame offers us. There, we have many important elements. Of course, the USB-C charging port, but more importantly headphone output (despite the thinness of the phone) and the main speaker. These are two elements that, as we will see in the sound section, are important and related to the multimedia experience with this LG V40.

Very accurate and personalized OLED

LG decided not to get married to any panel-level technology on its screens, and the new LG V40 OLED technology is back, as it did in the LG V30. Among them, we had LG G7 with IPS technology.

The LG V40 screen has a diagonal 6.4 inches without just frames and something on a diet, but without reaching the levels of minimalism that we see more and more in the mobile telephony market.

The LG V40 OLED panel is on a very high level, offering more natural saturation while surprising for its spectacular

At the user level, the overall quality of the LG V40 OLED screen is not objectionable. The contrast is excellent, offers a high level of brightness, very good angles of view and view a screen that is dynamic and spectacularIt looks great indoors and outdoors with reliable and fast automatic brightness adjustment.

Lg V40 Thinq 9

The maximum resolution is 3120×1440 pixels, but we can set it up to 2340×1080 or even 1560×720 pixels. Good density is ensured.

The LG V40 panel recognizes that it changes the color of the screen in a broad way. Six more were added to the automatic mode we liked. And we can touch both color temperature and RGB levels. One of the most complete customizations in the industry.

Screen Usage Modes

The LG V40 screen includes accurate and enjoyable response technology. Access to the submenus does not require a very strong touch on the panel, and the experience is very satisfactory.

I really enjoyed the sensitivity of touch on the screen. I was able to appreciate it when I use the keyboard or fine-tuning in the menu options. It is very difficult to miss the touch. Or, for example, enabling and disabling the double-touch screen can be done in the smoothest way I remember in the phone without accidental touching.

The front of the LG V40 ThinkQ is almost everything for the panel. At least in full-screen mode, something we can achieve if we remove Android Virtual ButtonsWe can do this by double-tapping the element to the left of the bar, as we can come back later simply by sliding up.

Lg V40 Thinq 11

These touch buttons can be customized. This is our choice of the background color of the ribbon and the combination of buttons, including a convenient button to display the notification bar and also to change the SIM card when using the two available in this version of the LG V40.

The night LG calls a "new second screen" recognizes a lot of personalization. We can leave it as it comes by default or apply a number of modifications ranging from adjusting application angles more or less to fill the slots not only with flat black but also with different gray and even colorful ones.

Notch and always display

The LG V40 does not lack the Always on mode, with manual or programmed mode selection. Among the options we have six styles on the screen and the ability to access utilities and music player by simply sliding in the order of the Always On screen icons. This mode is recommended if you want to manage, for example, direct camera access, connectivity, flashlight or sound profiles.

Headphone port and high sound

You can count on the fingers of one hand (or even less) of the market terminals that really notice the differences in sound level. The LG V40 is one of them, and in fact the previous generation of this phone remains the best sound terminal of the high range in our demanding comparison.

First, The LG V40 does not overlook the headphone port 3.5 mm in spite of its thinness. The fact that we have this port is very strange in the large range of large manufacturers. But do not think about this feature like the one that makes LG V40 strange on the market, but as a key element that adds value to those who think the sound of a cell phone is quite important.

The audio configuration of LG V40 is determined by Quad DAC Hi-Fi 32 bits which is activated when the headphones are connected. We have an equalizer with 14 preset modes, DTS: X surround sound (the Dolby Atmos race) and preset four 5 sound modes.

In the box of the model series we tried, we found some good headphones with a woven cloth, comfortable and with excellent sound.

Sound Configuration Lg V40

But if we do not want to use either wired or wireless headphones, LG V40 speakers will leave us very happy. They are many powerful, defined and good-looking, It's a pity again that they are not stereo and we have only one lower exit that we are in danger of being covered if we are not careful when we take the terminal.

Excess power (out of numbers)

That the high-end smartphone reaches the market at the end of January has a high risk when it comes to number comparisons of productivity by number. In a few weeks, the Snapdragon 845, which moves this LG V40, will be overtaken by the new versions. This is the law of life and the market.

Perhaps at a media level that within a few weeks, within the MWC, we will see the first terminals with the new generation of the most powerful Qualcomm processor able to deviate from this LG model. Or even overshadow the possible new terminal of the company itself.

Lg V40 Thinq 15

But if we focus entirely on the performance of the LG V40, there is no excuse not to choose it at this time. The LG V40 has 6 GB of RAM which give enough packaging for every task we require. Both the interface and applications of any kind or multitasking move with absolute flowability on the screen of this Korean high-end class.

LG V40 OPPO Find X iPhone XS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Xioami Mi 8 Samsung Galaxy S9 + LG G7 ThinQ Huawei P20 Pro
processor Snapdragon 845 Snapdragon 845 Apple A12 Bionic Exynos 9810 Snapdragon 845 Exynos 9810 Snapdragon 845 Kirin 970
RAM 6 GB 8 GB 4 GB 6 GB 6 GB 6 GB 4 GB 6 GB
Antutu 282394 282324 313341 237723 268966 253740 231526 213000
Geekbench 4 (single / multi) 2413/8793 3308/7915 4803/11178 3767/9032 2413/9075 3781/8942 2366/8581 1609/6816
PCMark Work 8180 9803 5174 7834 5067 8131 7185

As internal storage capacity, there are 64 or 128 GB options, which can also be extended with microSD cards if in the DualSIM versions you do not use this second line.

In our case, the test unit was 128 GB DualSIM, which puts it in a very good position against the competition.

Without Android Pie in 2019

The LG V40, which arrives today on the European market, does it without the latest version of Android. The device we tested last week has Series Android 8.1, and although the update is expected to be installed soon, it is not. And this is bad news, not because Android 9 can contribute more than the current version, but because of the confidence that the new versions will arrive in time for the future.

The interface remains clean without the simplicity of pure Android, very customizable and customizable in both configuration menus and notification management.

Lg V40 Thinq 7

We have available two modes of operation (with subsequent desks where apps or application boxes are stacked), a floating bar with side-by-side applications, and a good dose of LG applications that are no longer duplicated as long as Google, but still pretty.

To highlight those that help you manage your phone as Smart Doctor or its specific ones to get more of the games (graphics, break time or gameplay to avoid notifications or warnings) or dual SIM.

Stay on the battery with a fast charge

With such small dimensions for the screen size, the LG V40 battery can not stretch too much. Eventually they were 3300 mAh that thanks to the good overall optimization of the terminal and its key components, we can cover one day of solvency.

One large smartphone is not only expected to have a large screen size but also an autonomy above the average. And this does not happen in this LG V40

In our tests and tests these days, using it as a primary phone, both in professional and entertaining tasks, we have mediated 14 hours of working with 5 hours of screen, correct figures but far from what one expects to find a terminal of these dimensions and who has so much activity with him.

The LG V40 has wireless charging and also quickly. With the charger that comes standard, we managed to use it, reaching a 25% load (from 1% with the terminal on and with connectivity) in just 17 minutes, 50% for 38 minutes and the full fee for one hour and 50 minutes.

Five times camera: The reason for the existence of the LG V40

With the exception of Huawei, no other manufacturer has ever been close to the flexibility of LG's high-end models. We can already say that he has exceeded it with the increase in P20 Pro, but this Lg V40 responds precisely with a photographic arsenal consistent with five cameras,

Lg V40 Thinq 4

Let's start going through the back. There the main sensor offers a resolution of 12 MP and has a opening f1.5what the paper should be translated into photos with more light in dark scenes, in addition to the ability to achieve scenes with very low depth of field. And it has stabilization that clearly points to the camera with which in theory we need to get the highest quality image in good conditions.

Little depth of field The main sensor is of the highest quality and its f1.5 allows scenes with a small depth of field to be obtained naturally and directly.

This sensor has a photoreceptor size of 1.4 μm, which results in a great improvement of the camera this year. This increase in sensor size, while reducing its resolution, allows it to capture more light, something that in some other situation may mean that burnt areas occur unless special attention is paid to managing the base point of exposure.

The images are clear enough and with proper color management, but when we approach we appreciate some faults and cuts in detail. At night this is when this loss of quality is most valuable, a situation that happens exactly in scenes where there is enough light and the brightest sensor can not work properly with this picture.

Detailed night photo

Втората камера е тази, която предлага 107 ° широк ъгъл (нормалната остава на 78 градуса), и с нея получаваме снимки с резолюция 16 МП, а блендата също е значителна (f1.9). В сцени с добра светлина получаваме добре балансирани изображения с различна и много интересна гледна точка.

Широк ъгъл Dia

Камерата, като третата, няма стабилизация, така че в нощните сцени общото качество е намалено и не може да улови толкова светлина или толкова надеждно, колкото когато го правим с основната камера. В допълнение, обработката на LG почти не оставя никакви фини детайли, докато се приближаваме.

Широкоъгълна нощ Широкоъгълната камера губи много качество в нощните сцени, поне когато се доближим до подробностите

Накрая и като новост в смартфоните на LG имаме трета камера с 12 MP сензор (f2.4) и действа като 2X увеличение (45 градуса). В този случай, както в случая на широкоъгълната камера, размерът на фоторецепторите вече не е толкова впечатляващ и остава при дискретни 1.0 μm.

Увеличението е напълно използваемо с добра светлина и е разумно да го включите, защото ние можем да го прибегнем в много ситуации. Със сигурност не е сензорът, който се използва за портретен режим, нещо, което оценяваме. Затова сме пред камера с zoom, но това ни оставя добри резултати, когато има достатъчно светлина. На закрито или през нощта страда много.

Zoom 2x Пример Zoom 2X (вдясно)

С тази гъвкава конфигурация на камерата LG имаше огромен потенциал, който не можеше да бъде пропуснат на ниво интерфейс. Нека знаем

Най-важното в LG V40, което за мен е преминаването между трите камериТова е бързо и директно от основния екран. Няма липса на режими за директен достъп, като например портрет или троен изстрел. Все пак аз не обичам други вторични като Google обектив или AI Cam са там по подразбиране и няма например един за ръчен режим или да се справят с HDR, без да се налага да влизате в други менюта.

Interfsz Cmaara

Режимът HDR е само един от критиците. Въпреки че в автоматичен режим резултатите са повечето от успешните времена, директен достъп в интерфейса винаги е полезен.

Режим Hdr Тъй като няма директен достъп в интерфейса, автоматичният HDR режим трябва да се поддържа винаги активен, защото в по-голямата част от случаите е много успешен.

От интерфейса поддържам и преките пътища, за да променя разделителната способност на видеоклиповете и снимките в самите настройки.

Една опция, която дава много игра е режим на тройно заснемане с което можем да постигнем с един изстрел трите възможни снимки с основната камера. След това можем да изберем този, който най-добре отговаря на това, което търсим, тъй като трите снимки се съхраняват в интерфейса, както и кратък видеоклип, който обобщава получената сцена.

Троен изстрел Една снимка и ние получаваме трите възможни снимки с основната камера

Това е страхотна идея (и логична), но не и без подобрения. Да започнете да правите снимки не е едновременно, така че отнема известно време от първото до последното. Трябва да осигурим пулса или да прибегнем до статив (и сцена, която може да не съдържа мобилни елементи, които искаме да "замразим" на снимката). Неговата истинска полезност следователно е донякъде безкофеинизирана, но за статични сцени, като архитектура или пейзажи, това е опция, която обичах да имам на този телефон.

От тези тройни снимки сложното нещо е да се удари в 2-кратното увеличение, Идеалното би било да се определи, че рамката (и фокусът, тя е най-сложната и критична) и от нея да се произведат другите два изстрела, но снимката се произвежда от основната камера, която добавя някои стъпки (и забавяния). повече, за да получите най-добри резултати.

Портретният режим с светлинни ефекти

В LG V40 не липсва режим на портретно ниво. Както посочихме, основният сензор отговаря за него, което ни гарантира по-добро качество от всички останали. Портретният режим е доста прецизен в краищата и предлага добри резултати, въпреки че не можем да го използваме с обекти.

Портретен режим V40 Различни разфокусирани В портретен режим можем да избираме различни нива на размазване. И те могат да бъдат редактирани по-късно

В портретен режим имаме опции като студийни светлинни ефекти и някои други, макар и любопитни, в зависимост от ситуацията може да бъде малко изкуствено.

Режим на портретно издание

Най-големият проблем, който открихме разпознаването на лица, Портретният режим работи само с хора, но в моя случай брадата и слънчевите очила дадоха на системата много проблеми да ме разпознаят и да могат да приложат портретен режим и неговите ефекти.

Портрети със светлинни ефекти LG V40 включва различни ефекти на осветление и подстригване на плосък фон, които са приложими в портретен режим

Докато стигнем до пет, липсват две камери в този LG V40. Те са във вторичната камера. Ако има две, трябва да можете да получите селфи в широк ъгъл, което дава на нашия автопортрет повече информация за околната среда или за тези групи, които могат да изглеждат много добре.

Между другото, основният режим за красота прави добра операция на бикини в долната част на лицето, като незабавна загуба на тегло. И се активира по подразбиране.

Що се отнася до видеото, ние имаме много добро общо качество и където силната страна е в ръчното управление и режима на кино, което ни дава много място, за да бъдем по-креативни. Има запис до 4K и ние можем да използваме както основната камера, така и широкоъгълната камера за видеото, но не и да се променяме от едно към друго в него.

LG V40, становището и бележката на Xataka

С известно закъснение след представянето му LG V40 Той е готов за европейското си кацане. Тя ще го направи следващия 3 февруари с цена от 999 евро (и подарък на монитор 28MT49S-PZ).

С тази начална точка LG V40 в неблагоприятно положение по отношение на марките, които след няколко седмици ще имат новини в Барселона. Но това е, заедно с батерията, единственият важен проблем за един разтворим и солиден телефон, който, докато провеждахме теста, все още не разполагаше с Android 9.

Lg V40 Thinq 6

LG поставя своя V40 в един от най-добрите дизайни на високия диапазон, особено в края и доброто управление в ръка. Също така е терминал, много подготвен на творческо и мултимедийно ниво, с OLED екран с качество и най-добър звук на пазара.

Що се отнася до камерата, добавянето на 2-кратно увеличение връща LG на трона на най-универсалните камери, Камерата дава повече възможности и може да прости факта, че не е сред най-добрите на пазара в глобално качество.








За да се моля

  • От най-добрите дизайни и довършителни работи на текущия висок клас
  • Камера, с която е трудно да се отегчиш
  • В комбинация с екран и звук имаме мултимедийно изживяване от изключителни


  • Донякъде рядка батерия за терминал тип phablet
  • Крайните резултати на камерата имат място за подобрение
  • Съмнението за актуализации на Android навреме

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