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Magnetic North Pole "Moves" In Russia: What's Happening?

There are two large "negative magnetic flux blades" "Between the Core and the Mantle of the Earth"just below Canada and Siberia are behind the migration of the magnetic north pole, a phenomenon observed over the last decades. This was explained by Professor Philippe Livermore of the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) at an international symposium European Space Agency (ESA, acronym in English) from the last day from 13 to 17 of this May.

According to him, the various theories proposed so far "to explain this behavior" are incapable of doing so "given that they are based on small changes in the magnetic field," the ESA website said. On the contrary, he said, the years of satellite observation allow us to see that the position of the magnetic pole in the north is largely determined by the balanceor pulling a rope between these big lobes.

Livermore underscored the importance of the ESA Swarm trio's satellite troika for predicting future changes – a mission launched in 2013 by a Russian space-based magnetic field study. However, much of the information mentioned by the British himself dates back to much earlier dates.

His research shows that the changes occurred in the pattern of the mainstream between 1970 and 1999 they expanded the Canadian Lob and significantly weakened their footprint on the surface of the Earth, which led to an acceleration of the pole shift to Siberia. Simple models that account for this process and describe the geomagnetic shift predict that the North Pole will continue its current trajectory over the next decade, and will pass another 390 to 660 km to Siberia,

Earlier this year a group of US scientists calculated the speed of this polar "move" to the north-northwest. According to his estimates, this is a speed of 55 kilometers per year, which forces coordinate systems to update out of the loop to ensure safer navigation for commercial airlines, search and rescue operations, and even military operations. ,

Now, just a few weeks ago, the journal Nature Geology published a French-Danish study that seeks to solve the puzzle by reducing the phenomenon to several "pulls" that give the Earth's magnetic fieldScientists call the sudden and unexpected acceleration of their movement at random intervals. To reach their conclusions, the authors use supercomputers to create a model that reproduces the conditions that are believed to exist in the core of the planet.


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