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Miguel Cabrera fed his legend of baseball

Writing a Meridian

The Pope of Maracai, Miguel Cabrera, exceeds Roberto Alomar and equalize Carlos Beltran in the list of lifts throughout life p 2725 unstoppable. In turn, the Venezuelan Initialist was drawing two lines, this Tuesday, before Miami Marlins this served to overcome Tony Perez in the dough with the 1651 is located in place 31 from the big tugs in the history of the big leagues.

Cabrera left 4-2 p several singles and towed, what the fall was 11 records extras of Detroit tigers for the ninth out of Florida with a blackboard 5-4 in a compromise that was made in Comerica Park.

Aragüeño has his next individual goal: Review Sammy Sosa of the downloaded list of all times with 1667,

Among the other Venezuelans, Miami, Miguel Rochas connected 5-1 p annotation and the same amount in the recipe.

Nick Anderson blamed on the Marlins ladder (1-1). while Joe Jimenez suffers with the opposite (2-2).

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