Sunday , August 1 2021

NASA has opened an investigation into SpaceX and Boeing for the poros of the marijuana Elon Muskus smokes [VIDEO] | Picture 1 of 5 | world

Elon Musk , founder of Tesla, SpaceX and Boeing, is one of the corporate geniuses who, like everyone else, usually have certain eccentricities, but one is attracted enough attention to others because it includes a substance that many do not find fit: marijuana ,

It turns out that in September this year Musk gave a taste of marijuana cigars during the interview that he has given the famous podcast "Joe Rogan Experience", and the images of his "pitada" have become viral on the Internet.

That was enough for several officers from NASA they will be worried and will begin a thorough investigation into the working conditions in SpaceX and Boeing, companies that work with the US space agency.

The fact that he tried the marijuana cigarette while talking about his electric jet project motivates some high-ranking space agency employees to worry about the safety of the workplace and the health of the private companies that provide their NASA services, Washington Post ,

NASA has confirmed that it will conduct a "cultural assessment" of its business partners to check whether they respect the space agency policy that includes zero tolerance for drugs. This assessment may last for months and affect the work as a whole.

In this regard, SpaceX and Boeing announced that they have complied with NASA's standards and safety policies and a health-conscious, environment-free environment and that they remain confident because they have "years of setting up a company for space and space development agency. "

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