Monday , July 26 2021

NASA joins forces with China in exploration of the moon

The US space agency said on Friday that its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is expected to show the image of the Chang-e-4 landing site on January 31.

NASA announced that it had discussed last month with China to investigate the possibility of observing Chang's signature swimming pool in a way similar to what was done for Chang-e-3.

NASA and the National Space Administration (CNSA) agreed that "any significant findings resulting from this co-ordination activity" will be shared with the global research community at a UN meeting on the peaceful use of space. in Vienna in mid-February. According to NASA.

According to NASA, data related to this activity will be public and its cooperation with China is "transparent, reciprocal and mutually beneficial."

NASA could not pass the LRO's orbit in order to be in the optimal place during Chang's landing on Jan. 3 for "several reasons," but "I was still interested in finding the jet long after landing."

NASA has not specified what these reasons are, but Dwayne Brown, a communications officer at NASA, has responded to the Xinhua inquiry last week, saying that "NASA is currently closed due to a downturn in state funding," and that is "for a permit status ".

The science gathered about how the lunar dust is thrown up during a spacecraft's landing can inform future missions and how they reach the moon's surface.

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