Wednesday , May 5 2021

Néstor Reverol assured that the former director of Sevin was not detained "

Interior Minister, Justice and Peace Minister Nenchor Reverell said on Monday that former director of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sevin) Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez was not detained.

"Gustavo Gonzales Lopez is not in custody, is expecting a resignation from the President of the Republic" he expressed of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior.

At a press conference in which he presented balance of citizens' security indicators in the country, said it was "totally fake" alleged detention Gonzalez Lopez, who was director of Sebin until the end of October.

The minister said the crime rate had dropped by 28% In the whole country. "It makes us say we are on the right path of territorial policy-making," he said.

Reverol showed the figures for the reduction of criminal cases through the Venezuelan Citizens' Security Observatory (OVS).

He explained that 89.5 per cent of the kidnappings are concentrated in three countries: Miranda, Capital District and Aragua, so "we have developed a national abduction plan that has led to a significant reduction in kidnappings in the country," he said.

Compared to the year 2017, when 290 kidnappings were registered, there was a decrease of 38.3% of this crime across the country to be deployed in 179 abductions by 2018.

He also recognized the work of Quadrants for Peace to address the criminal threats and to contribute to the development of the structural disarmament policy.

"We will continue to monitor the criminal incidents in the country, which is an important achievement this year, because we can have a balance of indicators for 2,000 159 quadrants of peace."

"Since 2003, a total of 497 817 firearms have been destroyed in Venezuela," of which 4 079 were voluntarily provided, and 34 319 ammunition and 1 572 were collected by the weapon carrier.

The head of justice and peace said more than 1,500 people were ordered by Venezuelan justice, "because of the fight against corruption and in response to all deviations from the actions of officials."

In this respect, he explained that they arrested 1,515 employees of the Bolivarian National Police (BNB); state and municipal police; 300 members of the Corps for Criminal Investigations and Criminal Investigations (CICPC); 300 employees of the Administration of the Office of Identification, Migration and Foreign Affairs (Saime) and 201 employees of the Autonomous Service of Registers and Notaries (Saren).

"Managing and disclosing figures, not exercising, is the starting point for effective design, assessment and improvement of security policies," Reverol said.

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