Monday , June 14 2021

No concessions will be granted to them

Diosaddo Cabello, the first vice-president of the United Venezuelan Party (PSUV), warned on Friday he would not be credited "There are no concessions" to opposition leaders, given the alleged violations and ignorance of the state institutions of Venezuela.

"This opposition does not deserve any concessions, not one because it is incompatible with the Motherland," Kabello said in a mobilization called by the government in Yaraku.

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He also reiterated that the act of oath by the President of Parliament, Juan Guido, as president "responsible" for Venezuela, in his view, as a "coup" attempt encouraged by the North American government.

"Their partners in the United States are accustomed to hitting states, sending their agents", the voter said after rejecting any "foreign intervention" in the country.

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