Friday , June 18 2021

"No intervention or civil war in Venezuela, there will be no peace"

Nicholas Maduro: "No Intervention or Civil War in Venezuela, There Will be No Peace"

Nicholas Maduro urged the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to take responsibility for the defense of the country and maintain maximum convergence.

"We must be like Antonio Jose de Sucre," says our slogan: "Always loyal, traitors never. emphasizes Maduro during the supervision of military maneuvers at the Turiamo naval base in the state of Aragua.

There he stressed the need to take care of FANB's reunification, loyalty and courage. "You, the soldiers of the country, are the maximum guarantee for freedom and sovereignty, everyone must be equal to the historical time we have to live in," he said.

He rejected and condemned the coup attempt by the United States with the support of Venezuelan law.

"They want to turn our country into pieces of the gringo empire, want to dismember Venezuela, which is a cradle of freedom, want to weaken the nation, enemies of the country will enjoy seeing the country weak," he warned.

Faced with these attacks on sovereignty and the government he is leading, President Maduro ratified that he would remain firm in defending the Constitution and the rights of the Republic.

"Neither the intervention nor the civil war in Venezuela will have peace here," he said.

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