Monday , July 26 2021

One person has recorded a "ghost" who visits him at night

The person who recorded the video said he had seen someone "sit in bed at night" and set the webcam to shoot it. It would be a ghost.

The man had the feeling that something was moving in his bed at nightWith this in mind, he decides to install a camera in his own room to check whether or not there is a ghost.

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in consequence, her daughter shared the video made on Twitter and said,My father felt that his sheets were tangled and someone was sitting on his bed at night, so he put a camera. That's what he saw. I'm afraid".

The registered material shows a supposed floating head who raises her leaves disappears as if nothing,

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Before this strange event, his family was horrified by the images and many theories have arisen, both from skeptics and from those who claim to be an inexplicable presence.

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