Wednesday , December 2 2020

prophylaxis and early diagnosis are the effective combination for the treatment of cancer

Venezuela's Cancer Relief Society President, Kono Gumina, said that prevention and early diagnosis are the effective combination for cancer treatment.

He noted that there was a 25% greater chance of reducing cancer mortality if detected early.

Gumina mentioned in the program Dialogue with moderated by journalist Carlos Cross, that the Venezuelan Anticorruption Society has mobile clinics as part of a program of the association that provides screening services for men regarding prostate cancer and breastfeeding women.

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He pointed out that people from 45 years of age should start with research to confirm the lack of cancer.

He explained that in women the most common cancer is the breast and cervix. MWhile men have prostate, lungs and digestion.

In young women, she commented that the cervix is ​​the most common "since young girls in Venezuela are starting their sexual activity from an early age, they get HPV and this has important consequences."

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