Tuesday , June 15 2021

Pugba announces in the social networks the signing of his brother from the MLS club

on Premier League Football continues to grow and there is no place that does not know the US league. The marketing work is spectacular, in addition to the players and technicians who come in the franchises of MLSAnd, obviously, every important player who talks about the league is welcome, the leaders say. And this happened just this Saturday.

Many were surprised by the publication Paul Poga in their social networks because the world champion could not wait for his older brother or Atlanta to confirm the signing Florentine Pogba for the currency of Georgia. The image reads: "Very happy for my brother, who just signed up with Atlanta United.

In any case, the signing has not yet become official for the club, so it will be a matter of hours for the arrival of the 28-year-old defender. Pogba will have to strive to become a benchmark in the latter area, in addition to having to put all their experience into young five-band defense.

Thus, Atlanta began to be known globally for only two years from the beginning of its history at MLS, First by hiring Pity Martinez, a player who played for Madrid, then with the sale of Almirón to Newcastle, which has become the most expensive sale in the history of an MLS player, and now with the arrival of the biggest Pogba, Also with the signing of the Dutchman Frank de Bourgeon as a new coach.

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