Saturday , July 24 2021

Ramos Allup is stable and we are very happy with this news

"Ramos Allup is stable and we are very happy with this news," Tachira Governor said on Sunday. Laidy Gómez.

"Our leader has recovered, we heard the doctor's report and his wife's statement, and it was very good and we were happy about it," he said.

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The regional head said that political leaders, Henry Ramos Allup, is "one of Venezuela's most logical and plausible politicians and in this political uncertainty is when we need the compass that guides us and guides us, and he has shown that he has it," he said.

He also noted that signs of affection and affection were very great for Ramos Allup. "We are grateful for all the solidarity and message we received for the benefit of our leader, Henry Ramos," he said.

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