Friday , June 18 2021

Real Madrid The complicated final of the season awaits Isco

There are many conversations and right these days in Real Madrid the great moment of the form of all the equipment, especially led by Karim Benzema, who is the one who has better set up without a doubt the current system of Santiago Solari, who seems to have already found his plan.

In fact, now with the return of Gareth Bale or Marco Asencio, although there are changes to the eleven-type announced so far, there are players who have been strengthened after the plague of injuries. Marcos Lorrent, Dani Sebalos, Federe Valverde and Vinicius Junier.

So, while the calendar is now higher for white, they all have to be important in rotations, along with topical theorists. But the one who did not even find his place was Isco, which, as he says Good everyday He is expecting a complicated final of the season.

Everything indicates even if there was a change of coach that Malaga would be transferred in the summer, but until then he had to see more games on the bench and it would not even be strange to see him again on the stands. In any case, he has been traveling through the desert for at least four months.

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