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Report an irregular situation on Ramo Verde due to the deployment of the GNB

January 26, 2019, 15:47
Updated January 26, 2019 16:23

Tamara Suju, a lawyer specializing in human rights, said on Sunday an irregular situation in Ramo Verde prison, located in Los Tequez (the state of Miranda).

"Warning: Reporting a situation in the Ramo Verde military prison, two tanks arrived, the day of the visit is banned, there is a strong presence of off-center personnel, a lot of fear of suppressing the prisoner before the politicians," Suzhou said in his Twitter.

The lawyer argues that the cause of this event would be the transfer of several soldiers who participated in the protest at the Quote on 21 January.

Vicka Fernandez, a former political prisoner expelled to Peru, also revealed a photograph showing how neighbors of the prison were bolstered by numerous security agents.

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