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review with features, price, and specifications

As happened with Macbook Air, Apple resurrected in 2019 one of the iPad models we thought were amortized and already replaced by the current range. C
both Pro model, the role of iPad Air in Apple Tablet Family It seems to be over.

But there was a hollow intercourse to fill, so we have it here The New iPad Air (2019)The model has been updated mainly in the interior, as well as in the adoption of two important elements: pencil support as well as the smart keyboard. and We've already tested him in Xataka,

iPad Air (2019), datasheet

With a starting price of 549 euros, the new iPad Air (2019) comes to market to fill a gap that some believe is no longer interesting for Apple: pure tablet,

With the main iPad as an entry-level model and focused on the education sector, and the two iPad Pro as teams with far more ambitious goals of content consumption, The New iPad Air (2019) restores the profile of the powerful and current tablet with good internal memory capacity and adds Pencil support to the screen.

iPad Air (2019), technical specifications
Physical dimensions 250.6 × 174.1 × 6.1 mm
456 grams of WiFi only
464 grams of WiFi + LTE
screen 10.5 inches
resolution 2224 × 1668 pixels (264 ppi) 1Gen pencil support
processor Apple A12 Fusion
memory 64/252 GB (not expandable)
sensors Touch ID
3D gyroscope
Ambient light
Smart keyboard connector
Software version iOS 12
connectivity Bluetooth 5
Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac)
cameras The rear of the 8 MP, front of 7 MP
battery 30.2 Wh
price 549 euros

As expected before and you can check the technical sheet, iPad Air internal memory (2019) starts with a few decent conditions. 64 GB, which correspond to the most accessible model.

The iPad Air 2019 base model now offers 64 GB, but choosing the next 256 GB makes the tablet too expensive

If we want to move on to a higher version because we think 64 GB can fall, something logical in the tablet at this level, there is no choice but to move to the next, 256 GB internal memory, but at a price that is already much more high and close to iPad Pro: 719 euros. Apple once again leaves a few choices to the user when it's easy for him to do it.

Frame design and fingerprint reader

Coming from the analysis of the latest Apple iPad Pro, finding the appearance of the iPad Air (2019) is something like a comeback in the past. Specifically, the journey is until 2017 when the 10.5-inch iPad Pro (already discontinued by Apple) is launched from which Air inherits the design, screen size … and its frames.

For iPad Air (2019), having already had a "normal" iPad, I achieved a reduction in the footage to make it really worthy of its surname

Having these 2017 frames is not a problem with your tablet, which is a lot comfortable and with excellent traction, Weighing just over 450 grams, this is a tablet model that we can maintain with one hand without any discomfort. It is not light, but it is well balanced in this area, which complements it very well with thickness and rounded edges.

Apple iPad Air 2019 Design

Other popular information we found on iPad Air (2019) is fingerprint reader Touch ID, Identifying Persons with FaceID
is reserved for the iPad Pro family and in this new Air we are returning to a proven system, fast and very reliable.

Here's what launch button It's like old time to come back to the desktop or start multitasking, but if we come from the iPhone X or higher and we've already made gestures on the screen, we can use them on this iPad and go from the Home button for these tasks.

The design of the new iPad Air also has a kind of reverting to the past with two ports: headphones and charging that go through USB-C connectivity that dominates the market and supports Connection lightingMaybe think more about the tablet that former users of first and second generation Air choose.

Upper level screen with support for Pencil

The iPad Air (2019) displays a diagonal screen that is great for many people for a classic tablet: 10.5 inchesWe are facing an IPS panel with a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixels, achieving a pixel density of 264 ppi.

The interesting thing about the iPad Air screen is not in this density, but in its global quality, starting with high brightness (500 nits).

Iapd Air 2019 Quality Screen. The quality of the iPad Air 2019 screen is still one of the reasons to buy it

As for the most economical iPad model, the most noticeable improvement for the user is panel lamination, True Tone technology, DCI-P3 color space and, of course, pencil support,

This support is very welcome in the new iPad Air, yet on the screen compatible only with a first-generation pencil, Nothing from the second and better than we saw in iPad Pro last year. From solutions that not all share from Apple.

Using pencil on iPad Air

The experience of using a pencil on the iPad Air screen is very satisfactory. It's an accessory that is beyond the fun way you have to reload it with the tablet and of course its price, works perfectly, although if you think it is more intense and deeper than making notes and sporadic drawing, the iPad Pro screen with its 120 Hz, along with ergonomic improvements to the second-generation Pencil, has some differences.

Support for the first-generation Pencil allows you to extend the interaction and creation capabilities in iPad Air, but the combination of Pencil and the iPad Pro screen convinces more about professional users.

In any case, Apple's commitment to this enhancement is obvious you soon get used to IOS to navigate around iOS, as well as benefit from more and more compatible applications and which have nothing to do with a priori with the drawing. The Office Automation Suite from Microsoft's own Apple or OneNote already recognizes it.

iPad Air 2019 reflective screen

IPad Air has also tried to take care of it sound, I think this is a very wise solution, as it is a high-end entertainment product based on the visualization of video content.

The huge bet that Apple made of the sound in its iPad Pro here is partly offset by the arrangement of the two speakers on one side only. the stereo sound effect is not noticeableIn any case, the sound quality is much higher than most tablets and many of the laptops on the market, both in power and bass and gain definition.

Power up the battery and the battery as always

The biggest difference we found between Apple's main iPad and the new Air 2019 is obviously in performance, Here Apple did not save resources and provided an interior commanded by the Apple A12 Bionic. Above it is only A12X, reserved for the higher level iPad Pro.

iPad Air 2019 plays

The benchmarks make it clear that we are facing a tablet that is fully capable of everything iOS allows us to do in it for several years. Whether multitasking, split screen, editing photos / videos or playing titles such as PUBG. Satisfaction in this section is complete, although especially in multi-core tests, The iPad Pro from 2018 easily overcomes it thanks to the greatest amount of RAM. 4 GB starts instead 3 GB which would be a welcome improvement.

This power of iPad Air aims to be used through apps, but also with the Apple Pencil compatibility and the addition of the smart keyboard. In both cases, we are talking about it recommended but not impressive accessories and that's also enough to force the team's final bill if we choose Apple's official decisions.

The use of the Apple A12 7 nm and the IPS panel resolution allows this iPad Air (2019) to gain autonomous experience with models of similar diagonals from previous generations. It is really calm to see that if we use the tablet intensively, we guarantee an effective day of use (some 6-7 hours of continuous use), and if our habit is free time and just a few hours of work a day, it can happen almost one working week without having to use the charger,

Returning to the lighting port and saving the 10W adapter as standard makes the iPad Air 2019 back to a negative point on the tablet

What has not changed a lot in iPad Air this year is slowly loading the tablet, As standard comes with 10W charger, which slows the load from half its capacity to over 3.5 hours.

iPad Air with a smart keyboard The arrival of the Smart Keyboard connector is a joy for those who want to take advantage of iPad Air but do not need the power of the Pro model.

The iPad Air (2019) does not lack the cameras, There are 8 MP sensors (f2.4) for the main camera and 7 MP (f2.2) for video conferencing, both in 1080p video. Their quality, especially the basic one, is correct, which allows both pictures and videos made with it to be used in photographic and video projects on a personal level.

For Apple, for example, it makes sense that your iPad responds to the camera field for other reasons, such as making good use of Virtual reality, that the A12 and its Neural Engine is one of its battlefields.

iPad Air (2019), the opinion and note of Xataka

If we ignore the entry market at its most basic level, the tablet with more claims than the discreet consumption of content is still dominated by Apple. He does it almost effortlessly very little competition, with models in a very wide price range and great life.

on iPad Air is a very good example of the tablet format. Of course, this is the model (with Mini), which at least invites his refresh, but he was already playing. This update comes mainly in the interior and screen. Something less in design, where the required limits are marked (by price) with the pro-band,

Apple iPad Air - tablet (26.7 cm (10.5 "), 2224 x 1668 pixels, 64 GB, iOS 12, 456 g, silver)" src = " images /I/41i32hMNl5L.jpg

Apple iPad Air – tablet (26.7 cm (10.5 "), 2224 x 1668 pixels, 64 GB, iOS 12, 456 g, silver)

The new iPad Air comes to cover the market niche, smaller than the media, than education, professionals or those who are trying to do everything with your tablet. But that exists. And he is not looking for anything particularly specific except one a better balance between productivity, quality and priceAnd this iPad Air 2019, at least in the main 64GB internal memory, is welcoming it.







To pray

  • Effectiveness and quality of the laminated screen
  • Support for smart keyboard
  • Tablet ecosystems.
  • Compatibility with Apple Pencil.


  • Compatibility only with a first-generation pencil
  • Badly operated stereo speakers
  • With accessories and the best option of internal memory the price overflows

The terminal is assigned to testing by Apple Spain. You can consult our company relations policy.

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