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Six people killed in the operation of FAES in Guárico

April 22, 2019, 17:00
Updated April 22, 2019, 5:32 pm

Three clashes of Special Forces officers with criminal groups were recorded between Wednesday's Holy Wednesday and Good Friday in Guarico, and caused the deaths of six people.

Unofficial information is provided The pit the identified bodies are Morel Armando Campos Gutierrez, 28, Ector Jesus Rebolo Martel, 25 years old; Angel Rafael Rochas Salas, 43 years old; Miguel Angel Gonzalez Beomont, 42 years old; Diego Alexander Pinero Guerra, 24, and Angel Edwardo Rivero Alma, 18 years old.

Campos and Rebolao died in the La Pontha sector when they were robbing. They were discovered by the police and started a fire with a rifle. A similar incident happened on the national highway, the Karakita sector, through Guatopo, when Rohas and Gonzalez fired two members of the FAAC, according to police reports.

On the way 45 from the "Teachovan" sector, Pinerro and Rivero received several shots from the police when they started the fire with two caliber weapons.

These events sparked panic among residents due to the deaths generated by the FAES operation in the region, which was expected to end on Monday.

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