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Spain's Embassy in Venezuela has set up a Crisis Coordination Service

January 24, 2019, 08:50
Updated January 24, 2019, 21:08

Spain's ambassador to Venezuela, Jose Silva, said Thursday that a consortium was set up between all Spanish consulates, institutions and companies to deal with any situation resulting from the political crisis that Venezuela is undergoing.

"We created an embassy coordination bureau, we contacted consulates, Spanish companies and airlines as well," the ambassador said.

He also confirmed that they are all very good with the institutions mentioned, as well as those who bring together the different communities of the Spanish people in the country.

Spain is the second investor in Venezuela after the Netherlands, and a total of 201 subsidiaries of Spanish companies have acted in 2018, despite the fact that this country is considered to be the fourth place where the world's most difficult business is.

This was stated on Thursday by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Trade, which refers to data from the Central Bank of Venezuela for the past ten years, and notes that in recent years foreign investments are in practice limited to reinvesting profits, except for three major operations of Spanish origin.

Venezuela is going through a political crisis in addition to the economic and social crisis after Chief of Parliament Juan Guaido took an oath as interim president due to lack of knowledge of the National Assembly before President Nicholas Maduro.

Pedro Sanchez, the head of the Spanish government, spoke on Thursday with Guaido, to whom he conveyed the message that democratic and transparent elections are the ideal and natural outcome of the crisis in this country, informing the executive.

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