Tuesday , March 21 2023

Supersalud Imposes Two Million Dollar Fines on Medimás – Health


For not administering the medicines to 70 transplant patients and for not providing information, the Superintendence of Health decided to impose two million dollars in sanctions against Medimás worth 5,800 million pesos,

The inspection body said this the first sanction, amounting to 4,968 million pesos, 6,000 monthly minimum wages, it is about not supplying about 70 patients with drug transplants that are part of the treatment, and also ignoring SuperSaluda's orders to attend these cases.

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In turn, the supervision imposed on EPS a fine of 828 million pesos, which corresponds to 1000 minimum wages, as it does not respond to requests made by SuperSalud himself for delaying the delivery of services and patients to expensive patients at the Cundinamarca ward, putting the lives and health of people at risk in affiliates.

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Precisely drug delivery failures are the most common cause of complaints reported by EPS users before Superintendence of Health. Since January 2018, over 23,000 patients have filed complaints with the entity about this cause.

The delegate of the supervision of the administrative processes of the supervision of health, Andres Evelio Mora, assured that with "those sanctions" teeth "issued by Law 1949 of 2019 are released, which allowed him to increase his sanctioning capacity and at the same time the size of the sanctions. "

Mora also noted this These fines are the highest ever imposed on EPS in the country's history. And he illustrates that before the said law, the maximum penalty that could be applied to a healthcare institution was only $ 2 billion.

Speakers for Medimás told EL TIEMPO that they would use the appropriate legal resources, Well, they say, they have arguments to clarify the alleged irregularities.

Dennis Silva, Columbia Patient Spokesman, celebrates the historic fine, but stressed his concern that EPS, which he believes has no economic solvency, use public health resources to pay for it or stop serving high-cost consumers.

This week, health oversight revoked EPS Medimás's operating authorization in Chocó, Sucre and Cesar.

That is, EPS will not be able to continue operating in these regions, and the nearly 60,000 subsidiaries it had will be transferred to other insurance companies, such as Famisanar, Sanitas, Nueva EPS and Salud Total, which will be from September 1 responsible for confidence.


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