Saturday , June 12 2021

Tanya Ruiz, an alleged friend of Penya Nieto, speaks for the first time about relations with the former president

CITY MEXICO, MEXICO.- Tanya Ruiz, the Mexican model that was shot at him Former Mexican President Enrique Penya Nieto, for the first time talks about the rumors of their alleged relationship and "guilty" about Divorce with Angelica Rivera.

The program "New day" from Telemundo publishes the images in which the beautiful woman goes out to defend herself against all the attacks she has received.

In her statements she said she was at peace and that she was dedicated to living in the present.

The image that was being emitted, where walks could be seen Spain He said, "There were more people coming and taking pictures (with him), it's a normal picture without arguments."

He added, "We had eight more people, I say it is a situation without arguments, but see, something happens and something came out, the truth is, I saw it and I laughed."

– The truth is, this picture came so much? It's a normal shot, "he said.

About exmandatario Peña Nieto and "La Gaviota" He said he did not know whether he had a connection or not. "The truth when I met them was a wedding and goodbye," he remembered.

Ruis said she had learned to be calm and relaxed, "if there are bad comments, good, well, that's also a lot of what people have inside.

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