Sunday , June 13 2021

that the wine is a cause of joy for the Venezuelans

Venezuelan football coach Rafael Dudamel said on Thursday that wine can bring joy to the country that is going through a moment of great political upheaval.

"We hope, [la situación política] no [incida en la preparación de los jugadores]and if it somehow influences it for the sake of good, our players find the wine-motif motive for impulse to give joy to our country, "Dudamel told AFP in Rio de Janeiro before pulling out of the Cup. America-2019.

Dudamel believes that host Brazil is one of the favorites for the title, but his main hopes are placed in his own team, "due to the level of players, their level of engagement, this attitude makes us dream, there is a lot of work ahead," he added. .

The Caribbean state is undergoing a sharp political and humanitarian crisis. In the midst of mass protests against the government of Nicholas Maduro, opposition leader Juan Guido was declared temporary president and received recognition from the United States and 12 other governments in the region, such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

The protests have left about 26 dead since Monday.

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