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The actor from Rome does not have a visa to attend the Oscars in 2019

January 25, 2019 09:26
Updated January 25, 2019 10:11 am

Mexican actor Jorge Antonio Gerrero who plays Fermin Rome, has little chance of attending the Oscar 2019.

Gerrero has applied for a visa three times to enter the United States on the occasion of the 91st Gala Race. In all cases, permission was refused, the magazine reported which, making it difficult for him to attend the Academy's ceremony with his teammates.

One of the producers of the film, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is the mediator of the actor to be present alongside the other Oscars nominated, a preliminary invitation to the US Embassy to allow him to enter the country. The letter states that Guerrero is invited to attend the Golden Globes and the Oscar Awards.

"Clearly, I got a letter they did not want to read, in my second attempt, they said I was going to work, and I answered" no "that I was going as a guest," Gerrero said.

Rome He chose 10 statuettes, the first Spanish film to be nominated in the category of best film, the most important.

The Mexican actor hopes to fix the situation, though not for the first time an Oscar guest can not enter the United States because of immigration policy. In 2017, despite winning the Best Foreign Language Award, actress Taranech Alidotti and director Ashgard Farahadi from The PassengerThey did not go to protest against President Donald Trump's immigration policy, who did not pass on visas to Iranian citizens.

Karim Abide, producer of the documentary Latest people in Aleppo, nominated for the Oscars last year, also had problems with his visa and did not know a few days ago whether he would attend the ceremony he finally attended.

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