Wednesday , June 16 2021

The BBVA announces a shareholders' meeting without finishing the investigation into Villarreal

bbva villarejo
Francisco Gonzalez and his successor Carlos Torres.

BBVA convened its shareholders' meeting for March 15, the date of which the findings of the report will not yet be available that the financial unit itself has commissioned PwC and two audits – Garrigues and Uría & Menéndez – to identify the work assigned to the security company Cenat to former commissioner José Manuel Villarreos 14 years ago.

The information provided by MONCLOA.COM last month shows that there is mass espionage of businessmen, politicians, members of the Socialist government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and journaliststo avoid the downfall of the then Sacyr-Vallehermoso, run by Luis del Rivero, in BBVA's shareholding.

The current president of the bank, Carlos Torres, expressed his support for his predecessor in position, Francisco González, awaiting the results of this internal investigation that will take place over several months and will therefore not arrive in time to be known before the next general meeting of the shareholders of the bank, which will be held as usual in Euskalda Palace in Bilbao,

This will be the first meeting where Torres will live as president, and in it the highest authority of the bank will, apart from approving the 2018 bills, approve the appointment of Onur Genç as Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, a cash payment of € 0.16 gross per share will be offered as an additional dividend from the previous year. And certainly one of the shareholders who attend the meeting I will ask about the past and especially about the future of Francisco Gonzalez as an honorary chairman of the organization.

BBVA At the end of January, it showed positive results, gaining 5.324 million, despite the results of its subsidiaries in Turkey and Argentina. These results represent an increase of 51.3% compared to the previous year, mainly due to the extra profits from the sale of its subsidiary in Chile.

The Enterprise has published some Torres statements in which it analyzes the results, suggesting the result of the digitization of the enterprise and finally He is disappointed by the problem of the company's reputation with former Commissioner Villarreich. For the second time, they did not even mention the problem, they spoke about the question of the Cenit group, concealing the question as the dirty and illegal war of the entity itself with its former president at the head.

Within a few seconds and at the end of the video, Torres confined himself to saying that they have taken a very serious investigation into which a specific result has so far been unknown. The bank has already admitted that this investigation began seven months ago, but they still have not found anything.

Meanwhilea group hostile to the FG, baptized by his own Francisco Gonzalez, continues to end his quarrels with the espionage suffered by the Commissioner José Manuel Vilareho and funded by BBVA.

But the members of this group are self-inflicted two warnings: wait for the forthcoming BBVA shareholders' council to check whether the FG is performing its current positions – honorary president and foundation – and if any irregularity arises from the bank's internal investigation due to the commissioner's appointment and work.

Politicians and businessmen are carefully investigating and wanting to delay their actions until they see more news about the suffering of espionage. "We will not be in a hurry to bring a lawsuit or complaint. The facts are very clear and can be presented at any time. But it should be done when we have all the data: the BBVA response to the next board of directors and the general news about espionage. We do not want to file a complaint and then we need to correct or modify it in the light of new data, "one of Villarreich's chief spies explains.

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