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The best heavyweight will fight soon, but not with each other for now

So you're a boxing fan and you like heavyweight, you say? Well, it turns out that you are in an era that can become gold if it is best to fight each other.

At the top there are three unbeaten great men, each claiming the throne. They are at the top. Everyone has the following fan. Everyone has a different personality. Everyone was in dramatic battles. They could replace years of major events if they fight each other in a round game. Think about Mohamed Ali-Jo Fraser-George Foreman, but not so famous.

There's Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 knockouts), 29, the British mega-star with the appearance of a movie star. He has three of the best world titles, made six defenses, won the fight for the year 2017, fills the stadiums in the UK and generates huge payouts.

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There is an American Wilder Detonet (40-0-1, 39 knockouts), 33, the famous knockout artist. He made eight selections for the title, was in two meetings for the fight of the year in 2018 and there is perhaps the most destructive right hand in the boxing history.

There is also Tyson Pury, from England (27-0-1, 19 knockouts), 30, the very high linear champion. He's the man who beats the man, Vladimir Klitschko, before Joshua did it. He has become a hero to millions of people, overcoming the drug addiction and alcoholic and psychological problems that kept him out of the ring for two and a half years and cost him three belts earned by Klitschko in 2015.

"You almost have a three-headed monster," says Showtime analyst Polly Malinagi, former head of two divisions.

So, you boxing fans, you want to see these great men thundering in big battles. This means Joshua-Wilder for the undisputed championship, the greatest boxing box to offer.

This meant a rematch of Wilder-Fury after his epic battle in December, which ended with a draw when Pury won Wilder for long periods of time but miraculously survived two falls, including a massive final round.

"Just telling people, boxing fans, everyone has patience, big battles will happen."

Deontai Wilder

This also means Joshua-Fury, a British summit of all time, which will surely fill the Wembley Stadium and divide the nation. That would make the fight for the heavyweight title of all Britons Lennox Lewis-Frank Bruno 25 years ago small compared.

Then, you boxing fans, look at the calendar of the next battle in the hope of seeing these gladiators planned to fight and you're lucky. The three are fighting within a month.

Wilder heads Showtime on Saturday (9:00 ET) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York; Joshua will make his debut in the US at DAZN on June 1 in Madison Square Garden, New York; and Fury heads the ESPN + map on June 15 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

That's the sky of heavy weights, is not it? So, you boxing fans, you realize that although all three have close matches, no one is a direct collision, because more closely in the calendar you can see that:

What the hell is going on here?

"I think everyone is patient with this little thing we have in the heavyweight," Wilder said. "Just look at and think about it: the excitement is back in the heavy category, the fire is on, I'm more excited than I've ever been in my career because of everything that's happening, so I'm asking patiently people."

But how patient are the fans who have spent five years waiting for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Packiao to fight in 2015 and are regularly deprived of important battles that should be?

"You will get the main battle they want to see (against Joshua)," Wilder said. "The good thing about this is that we are still in a discussion, I can see if this is a closed door and we have no discussion with anyone, then it would be something that would actually be found or extracted but all still argue and speak , and that It will take a little time, just tell the people, boxing fans that everyone has patience, big battles will happen. "

But when? It took about a year since they began initial discussions about Joshua-Wilder. They discussed the separation (money), the site and several other topics. Sometimes it seemed that each country was accused. Eventually, Joshua, who had a contract with Showtime, saw his contract ending up and faced the mandatory rival Alexander Potketin last September at the first DAZN broadcasting event. This left Wilder, long-lived with Showtime, to make the next best fight against the Fury Showtime PPV.

When they were committed to an excellent struggle that generated about 325,000 purchases, they both demanded an immediate revanchment and reached an agreement in principle.

Then, apparently within a few days of signing the contracts, Fury departed from the course. He and promoter Frank Warren have amazingly signed a joint promotion deal with Top Rank, which is co-ordinated with ESPN. He had little hope that the rematch was still made when Bob Arum, the Top Rank president, offered Wilder, a free streaming agent, a lucrative deal to fight a regular opponent for $ 12.5 million, followed by a revenge with Fury. for $ 20 million (plus a portion of PPV earnings). Wilder received a $ 10 million guarantee to fight the Fury in December.

Wilder dismissed the offer as well as a three-barrel deal and $ 100 million with DAZN, which would include a $ 20 million payment to fight against Breazeale, $ 40 million to fight Joshua in the autumn for the undisputed title and third fight. it will be an instant revenge with Joshua for another $ 40 million, even if Wilder, in the worst case scenario, was knocked out by Joshua in the first round. Wilder could also accept DAZN's other offer, a $ 120 million package, but also rejected it.

In contrast, Wilder was left with Showtime, though the boxer, his camp and the chain refused to characterize the type of deal he had made except he would collect a lot of money on Saturday.

"I'm not at every dollar and every penny from Deontay's business, but knowing what I know is not a waste of money to earn some money," said Stephen Espinosa, president of Showtime Sports, who is involved in the negotiations of many Major battles, including blockbuster Mayweather-Pacoao and several battles from Wilder and Joshua. "Deontay, I know you really want Joshua to fight, and he wants to make the fans happy, but the conditions he introduces require him to sign up with a promoter and chain for a series of battles that go far beyond Joshua's fight. so it is not fair to say that Deontai is to blame.

– If you do everything to fight, do the fight. Do not fight many strings associated with unrelated battles. We did not tell Pacoow or (Connor) McGregor that you had to sign two more Showtime battles after battling Mayweather. That would torpedo the whole discussion.

Espinoza is also a boxing fan for life, so he understands the business as well as the desire of fans to watch the biggest battles.

"I understand frustration and impatience," says Espinoza. "As a fan, I want to see big battles as soon as possible, like everyone else, but after I said this, if the battle between Wilder and Joshua had developed for the first time when we discussed it, which was almost a year ago, in retrospect, to be premature, a little earlier.

Espinoza said he believed Joshua would have to fight at least in the United States and get more exposure than with his British battles, which were handed over to a smaller audience later in the afternoon due to the difference in hours.

"I think there is something worthwhile if we do not fight at the first opportunity and that has certainly become much greater over the past year," said Espinoza.

But it was not easier to get together.

"There are many breakthroughs and advances, insults," said Matchdy's promoter Eddie Hearn, who promoted Joshua. "But I do not like the noise that came from Wilder's camp during the battle, why can not we make that fight further?" "That's the question, not that he's afraid of Joshua, he just has other plans, which is worrying.

Although Wilder and his team, namely managers Shelley Finkel and Al-Heimon will not discuss their plans, it is believed that Wilder will defeat Breazeale and will face Luis Ortiz who he stopped in the tenth round in the classic battle in March. 2018, after which he will face Adam Kaunaki, a non-victorious Polish rival in New York.

"The only plan I had to do is fight Joshua and IY fight against Wilder," Hearn said. "It's not an attack on Wilder, I think they both want the fight, I know AJ wants to fight, I'm pretty sure they both want the fight, so it's disappointing."

Some people blame Hearn for the fight's torpedo but said nothing could be farther from the truth.

"Even if he does not want the fight, he can not do anything, Anthony is like his own boss," Hearn said. "He makes decisions about this, wants to fight with Deonay Wilder, we offer him 60-40, and we admit that we have the first fight in the US fight deal." We believe Joshua has won the right to organize the first battle in the United States. Joshua's kingdom wanted to give its fans from the United Kingdom who are struggling for the support they gave him, but over time we confessed he would come to the United States but there is still no struggle.

Hearn said that even Joshua and Wilder should stay with their current chains, this should not stop the fight.

"Perhaps the first battle is on Showtime, the second on DAZN or vice versa," he said.

Wilder has a different vision from Hearn.

– We have tried for months. Four different occasions Maybe five times, "Wilder said before talking about a couple of points in the deal, including his readiness to fight the first match of a bilateral deal in the UK at one point. Four or five times we tried to fight, They cry now because they have nowhere to go.

– Go back and study. Go back and see who is actually the king of the division. Who really tried to make these battles. Then when you come back you will find yourself in a better place and you will come to peace with yourself.

Joshua insisted he wanted to fight Wilder and said Fury's signature with ESPN could help him do it because Fury is exclusive to ESPN, he and Wilder are not contractually chained.

"I think he made it easier for me to fight with Wilder," Joshua said. "I do not know why Tyson Feary has made this deal but he did the best for him, I feel that Wilder only shows that he is no longer the right part, he is not the one who brings the money to the table." DAZN and ESPN are Showtime does not bring anything on the table so Wilder does not control and must humble himself and board the board before it's too late and Tyson Peary and I fight.

But that will not be a while. At least with Fury, who has got rid of the main struggle for the moment. Arum and Warren have said the idea is to give Fury two or three battles in the United States. UU. to increase the name and the power of our attraction here before we seek revenge with Wilder, or perhaps Joshua, in 2020.

"ESPN has put a lot of money behind it and the chain behind it to build its profile in the United States," Warren told the British weekly Boxing News. "Your profile, if you do what you need to do, will have a bigger profile than all of them, which will increase your value and (ESPN) seeks to build your PPV platform, what they will do. of all other fighters in terms of PPV battles. "

Hearn said he appreciated the transparency of Team Fury.

"They say maybe 2020 may happen, but at least we know what our position is not to waste time on," he said. "Ideally, Wilder wins spectacularly, and Joshua too, and I hope that after June 1, fans and the world will say," The fight must be now. "No more excuses, no more intermediate battles, no more mandatory."

While everyone is waiting for the big ones, of course, the chance of the meeting being destroyed, or at least significantly, if one of them loses.

"The big three are very good, but they are not good enough to not touch or beat them underneath," Malinagi said. "If you do not have a good night and someone you are facing can have your best night or a very good night, there is a chance to surprise."

"This is always a risk and there are many times in history when people expect too long a battle to get there, this risk is especially high in the heavyweight category where everyone is a threat."

Even Breazeale, a fan, besides being the main contender, wants to see the main battles.

"Of course, you always want to see the current struggle with each other," he said. But at the moment I think these five names: I, Andy Ruys, Tyson Furry, Wilder and Joshua, we are the best in the division and the fans are exposed to what they want to see, they are exposed to a heavy struggle.

"When I fight Wilder it will not be boring. It will be full of action. This will be a big blow after a big blow. And with Joshua and Andy Ruis, I'm excited to be part of the division. I am also very excited to be a spoiler. Wilder had a lot of stuff at the table, as long as he works with Joshua and I think I had to take it because Saturday will ruin everything.

But supposing Wilder and Joshua continue to win, Espinosa seemed optimistic about the fight.

"I understand boxing fans felt burned by Mayweather-Pakkao that they had to wait years and years and years, I do not think we will see that," he said. – I think he wants a boxer. Platforms are not a problem, because Eddie is very clear that Joshua is in an agreement to fight the fight with DAZN. On Wilder's side, he also has flexibility in his relationship. I will not get into the details, but he has flexibility, so let's get rid of this. What has to happen fundamentally is that the boxer takes up position with promoters, chains, advisors and says, "This is the next battle."

Looking back at Mayweather-Pak-quaio, when they met personally after the Miami Heat game, they looked at each other and decided that the battle would happen, and they were communicating with their respective countries, saying that we would fight, make a deal and do not come back to me until it happened if I had to put my money, I think Wilder-Joshua will happen and I think it will happen in the next 12 to 18 months until the end of 2020. Call me optimist, but I think it will happen sooner rather than later. "

That's good news for you, boxing fans.

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