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The Cardinals again won 12: 1 and were put on a triumph of glory in the Lvbp final

The Cardinals again won 12: 1 and were put on a triumph of glory in the Lvbp final

Lara's cardinals grew up at Caracas University Stadium, and with bombs bombarded the capital's park on all its flanks to reduce the lions and retain their third win, 12 series for 1, in the final series of professional Venezuelan baseball. this Friday, January 25th.

Twilight preserves its hegemony in the 3-0 series, an unprecedented situation for them and never returns to a final example that has come as one of the best favorites and is propped up to put an end to 18-year-old drought without tasting the honey of triumph in the championship.

Everything seems to have come to this day. If the result is favorable to the Lars in the fourth game, one can speak of divine justice for the ninth, as the combination of various factors makes their victory in 2019 more than deserved.

First, they gained a continuous 18-year drought without being crowned in the Lvbp, second had arrived in the previous two cases to the final without getting the title (against Eagles in 2017 and Caribes in 2018) and the third commanded the classification table from end to end. the fourth is a tragic event with the death of two of his baseball players (José Castillo and Luis Valbuena) and his headquarters, Antonio Herrera Gutierrez stadium in Barquisimeto, will host the Caribbean series 2019,

Nothing better for franchising than to appear to his fans for the Caribbean classic in his own home. It is definitely the year of the cardinals.

Lara did everything right in the third match of the final, the first in the capital. The attack had the face of Williams Peres, he hit William's Astudillo's face and the defense was collectively identified.

By the third inning, Perez and Johannes Pino, initiator and substitute of hairy, were engaged in a duel of jelly. The second one received the first painful attack in the fourth part, with the Astudillo hometowns. So the cage was open so that the birds could leave the flock-though more like a swarm-they completely covered Caracas.

Lara's bats seemed unstoppable in the fifth act: They produced nine annotations, a record for the series in the finals. A huge cluster highlights the two-way homer of third baseball Carlos Rivero, who dropped out of the game one inch later as a precaution because he suffered from pain in his right foot.

"The boys were very focused on their bats. We know what we are playing, the plan we are following. They remain focused, looking for good terrain and things are going well, "said manager Jose Horno, before remembers Astudillo's night, who went with 5-3 with four RBIs. "I've always said that striking is contagious. As Astudillo in the middle of the squad is a plus, he is a multiplayer player and a huge striker.

Perez was perfect for four episodes. In the fifth, the striker did not escape, but Jeffrey Baes hit. At the end of the chapter this gave way to the cardinals' cardinals, but it was enough to win the victory. The victory went to Pinot.

Caracas's only line of hair is a simple Wilfredo Load, in the sixth inning, against Jesus Sanchez.

"The defense played very well, but the tilting of us did not work. They did not miss out on the terrain they went to look for, "said Mike Rohas, manager of Lions. – All my players are men. The way you can talk to them is always positive, I will not turn to them. We saw the efforts of these guys. You have to come tomorrow and win four times in a row. "

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