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The Coinbase application is becoming a trend in the Apple App Store | CriptoNoticias

The application for Coinbase's crypto portfolio has tended to be listed on the list of the 10 most popular applications on May 14 App Store of Apple, along with Blockchain Wallet, a tool for storing, using and exchanging cryptoLooks, which is in eighth place.

This event, which put the app alongside other popular ones such as HBO, YouTube and Fortnite video game, coincided with the increase recorded by the Bitcoin price, which exceeded $ 8,000 on May 13. From this, while app information is shared and discussed by users on social networks, analysts believe that this positioning is due to increasing interest in cryptobultures generated by the increase recorded by the Cripto market.

On this subject, Thomas Kriberneg, CEO and co-founder of App Radar, an application marketing agency, told the media that many factors are contributing to demand trends, including the number of downloads, ratings, and word optimization. key. It therefore considers that the search for keywords such as Coinbase and Blockchain, they reflect the average consumer's interest in what these applications offer: purchase, sale and storage of cryptoLoutes such as Bitcoin.

According to analysts, this is because the rising prices of cryptoLaptops attract the attention of both institutional investors and retailers who would like to download portfolios to make purchases. That's why raising leads many more people into the marketplace, making apps more popular.

This growing interest that investors would give to cryptoactives is common in the bullish cycle. This is a situation that It was also introduced in 2017., when BTC's price reached its historic maximum, reaching almost $ 20,000. For this date, similar to what is now being observed, small investors were thrilled by the ability to buy digital assets, while the value of most of the cryptobuddles jumped sharply. At the same time, Google Trends searches were also very high, and portfolio applications, such as Coinbase, saw a rise in the number of users. New companies and products emerged, with most stock exchanges taking hundreds of thousands of new consumers a day.

Thus, if the upward trend continues in the near future, it is expected that other applications and products related to cryptoLoutes follow the same trend as Coinbase. At the time of writing this note, Bitcoin is quoted at around $ 7,300. and has a market capitalization of over $ 129,000 million.

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