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The difficult depression that Justin Bieber is experiencing

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber he relies on friends and family in his struggle against depression.

Source shared with E! The news that the singer is "struggling with depression, is experiencing difficult times".

"He really wants to improve," he said. "He seeks all the help he can get.

Despite the difficulties, Biber formed a strong support network composed of "the people who love him the most", including his wife Haley Baldwin and his pastor.

The informer adds that "this is just something [Justin] he has to deal "and he is actively looking for professional help." He is in outpatient therapy, gets help every day, "explained the source. He's focusing on that right now. "

Recently, Justin talks about his mental health problems in a very straightforward interview fashion, where he also revealed many personal problems that seem to be the basis of their struggles, such as their hatred towards their parents.

According to the star, he recently made a one-week retreat as part of the Hoffman process, where he unloaded his accumulated anger on a pillow. "I overcame the fact that my mother was depressed for most of my life and my father has problems with anger," he said. "The things that happened and that make me angry about what they did to me."

The depression he believes has inherited from his mother hit him hard during the tour purpose Bieber revealed that he had been overcome by depression and a sense of loneliness, which led him to cancel the 150 concerts he missed. "I have not talked about it, I'm still processing so many things I have not talked about, I was alone, I needed some time," he explained. fashion,

If, if that was not enough, the mental health struggle was complicated by the fame and the feeling that "people use me or not really for me, and that people are looking for something from me. and then use it against me. "

Fortunately, her marriage to Haley looks like a positive force in her life, a positive way of expressing her feelings. "I'm emotionally unstable," he said. "I'm trying to find peace, I feel that I care a lot, I want things to be so good, and people love me, Hailey is very logical and structured that I need."

The couple is ready to reaffirm their love and devotion to each other for the second time. Haley and Justin were married in New York on September 13, 2018.

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