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The dollar price today in the Argentine Peso February 13, 2019 at Banco Nación de Argentina and the interbank market | Price of the blue dollar USD to ARS | world

The dollar closed today at 37.96 Argentine peso. The price of the dollar is higher than the day, according to information from the The Bank of the Nation of Argentina.

Price of dollar start this 13 February 2019 in Argentina with $ 36.90 to buy on Argentine Peso on the forex market and $ 38.70 on the sale, according to the average value of the interbank market.

The evolution of the dollar to the Argentine peso 2019, according to today's Central Bank

On the other hand, the monetary authority has not yet recorded exchange rate participation, although the future launch in this year 2019 is not excluded from the purchase of dollars to avoid delays in Argentine Peso against the high inflation suffered by the country.

The exchange rate of the dollar to the Argentine peso

5 USD 189.78
10 USD 379.56
20 USD 759.13
50 USD 1897.82
USD 100 3795.65
500 USD 18978.25

Dollar blue: Purchase price and sales price in Argentina

The black dollar, dollar blue or a parallel dollar are the terms that refer to the US dollar sold illegally in Argentina and may have a higher value than the one legally sold.

This Friday dollar blue in Argentina there is a 0.66% comparison with the official dollar. He finished the day with an offer to buy 37.75 Argentine peso, and the sale was 39.00 pesos.

The Argentinean debt

It has become one of the main demands of citizens in Argentina. In social networks, the content in this respect resembles the payment model and the solution to this debt.

Currency exchange analysis made at the beginning of the year

The dollar in Argentina in 2019

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