Monday , July 26 2021

the dollar surpassed 47 dollars and the Central managed to stop it with rates of 71%

The dollar fell after the strong rise, which made it surpass 47 dollars in retail and $ 46 in the wholesaler. At Banco Nación he closed at $ 45.90. Analysts argue that the fall in prices is due to the greater supply of foreign currency and central bank sales on the futures market.

In Leliq's first auction of the day, BCRA approved an average of 70% with a stated amount of $ 100,388 million and a maximum rate of 73%.

Meanwhile, after Leliq's second auction, the rate of monetary policy remained at 71%.

The wholesale dollar finished 95 cents to $ 44.90 in MULC after exceeding $ 46.

The risk in the country jumped on Thursday and exceeded 1000 points, while Argentine bonds collapsed. Finally, he finished 947 basis points, 0.32% less than on Wednesday.

The funds were released from bonds and Argentine assets. Argentine bonds in New York fell to 2.50%. The dollar bond, which expires in 2021, is the worst: it has a yield of 19.30%, and the insurance against a 5-year deflator rises again to 1300 points.

The consequences of this bond failure are increasing the country's risk. There was panic and uncertainty about the upward trend in the country and the dollar that began Monday, in the face of the IMF-related government of hands and feet, to generate some intervention.

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Demand for hedging dollars continues to grow as a result of extreme political uncertainty and local economic problems, according to market operators.

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As yesterday's deputy, Nicholas del Canyo, condemned "the problems suffered by the vast majority of the population that this government, under the IMF mandate, and with the support of all employers' opposition, guaranteeing governance, sinks day by day in misery, unemployment and the high cost of living. "

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