Thursday , July 29 2021

The driver dies after being beaten during an attack


The product of the beatings suffered on his attack dies on Wednesday, the driver of John Fernando Ibarra de la Villa (36) of the Indepasib line covering the Cartanal-Santa Lucia route.

On Wednesday, April 10, Ibarra arrived at his home in Cartagena, complaining of a heavy headache, calming, but still feeling bad. On the 14th day, Domingo de Ramos, he fainted, his family members were worried and took him to Domingo Luciani's hospital in El Llanito where he was detained. The first diagnosis he has given is meningitis.

Ibarra had more than a month been beaten by six men who attacked him in Cartagena, leaving the parking lot where he was holding his truck.

On this occasion, some friends took him to a hospital and the following day he was shot without a test.

There were bruises, bruises on his face, scratches on his neck and back, and a big blow to his left eye, which became purple in the days.

At the family hospital, it was reported that Ibarra had a tomography and a lumbar puncture. The man was in a coma and did not return to himself.

The relatives performed the procedures to practice their training in a private medical center, got an ambulance with the equipment to move it, but a doctor from Luciani did not give permission to bring the patient out.

This Tuesday at 10:30 am died. His colleagues in the line on which he has been nicknamed "big boy" are in mourning.

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