Sunday , June 20 2021

The eleven supremacy of fire in the house of Robert Serra

The Fifth Court in the Control Area of ​​the Judicial Area of ​​Caracas Capital Area issued a measure of preventive imprisonment in accordance with the provisions of Articles 236, 237 and 238 of the Penal Procedure Code of Abel Andres Perni Graterol, Jesus Eduardo Leon, Gonzalo Enrique Rodriguez Vargas , Ebert Alexander Pader Bolivar, Excellent Javier Padon Bolivar, Aaron Moeses Newes Moreno, Kitter José Castro Ramirez, Armando Alexis Borges Arevalo, Alfredo Jose Markano Milan, Miguel Angel Jose Hugo, about the events that happen fled to Robert Serra's Youth House.

The press release states that they have been investigated for allegedly committing fire-fighting crimes, qualified theft, public property damage, damage to protected property, possession of flames, use of adolescents for committing crimes and vengeance.

The court established Rodeo II as a place of detention for prisoners.
The assassin's house, slain in 2014, was attacked last Monday at the La Pastora parish, Puerto Caracas, during anti-government protests.

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