Thursday , June 17 2021

The Galaxy S10e will be the name of Samsung's smallest flagship

It was originally known by the Lite family, but then it was called a different one. Some believe the next one a flagship The smallest Samsung will be called Galaxy S10eAnd, obviously, the novelties that have just arrived will be.

Samsung "confirms" the name of the Galaxy S10e

It turns out that The official website of the South Korean company in France was created a specific page, where the names of the three terminalsThese are the three members of the highly anticipated Galaxy S10 family.

We leave the following:

That's what we mentioned a while ago. The most basic flagship will be known as the Galaxy S10e,

It is also possible to get the denomination of your two brothers: the "standard" model (so to speak) it will be called simply the Galaxy S10, while the biggest of all will be the Galaxy S10 +,

Need to know what this special 5G version is. But it can not be excluded later.

Finally, if you want to enter this page now, it will be impossible to visualize content:

Something is undoubtedly curious, and this gives more weight to the names of the next generation of Samsung's leading terminals, which will be presented on February 20 in San Francisco (USA).

By the way, The paper will be live from there, so we will bring you all the information firsthandExpect.

Source: GSMArena

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