Friday , July 30 2021

The head of Zone 11 of the GNB and the second pilot died

Polisur helicopter crashed at Plaza de Toros: Head of Zone 11 of the GNB and second pilot died

The Bell 206 Ranger, abbreviations YV0224 Polisur, crashed in the afternoon on Thursday in the Plaza de Toros Maracaibo parking lot.

In the air accident, Brigadier General Alfonso Enrique Torres Paez lost his life as commander of Zone 11 of the Bolivarian National Guard, former Nuclear 3, and the pilot of the plane, police commissioner Luis Urdanete. ,

The events were recorded after 5:00 in the afternoon, causing great alarm in the northern part of Maracaibo.

The helicopter, treated minutes after this tragedy, left the southern part of the lake and headed for the kernel facilities.

On the plane, General of Division (GNB), Dilio Rodriguez Diaz, commander of Zodie Zulia, was transferred to Torres Pesse, who was transferred to the Coromoto hospital, military sources reported on Panorama.

The second pilot was also injured and identified as Alfred Oheda, the captain of the GNB.

Urdanete, the deceased pilot, was a Polimarakaibo employee.

The first information about the cause of the incident revolves around a mechanical failure (it would hit the rotor), which was presented in the El Patriota helicopter. Luis Urdanete tried to make a forced landing, which did not happen, producing this painful fact.

Torres Paes, a Brigadier General (GNB), took the reins of Zone 11 of this military unit on August 25 last year. The Commander of the GNB, Mr. Richard Lopez Vargas, came to hand over the command. Torres Paes was formerly Commander of the Regional Command No. 51 of the Bolivarian National Guard in the State of Monagas.

While GD Dilio Rafael Rodríguez Díaz conquered the Integrated Defense Zone No. 11 Zulia in 2018, Lara also led Zodi.

The area of ​​tragedy was taken by firefighters and military forces and Cicpc yesterday evening. 911 units provided support for the transfer of the victims.

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