Thursday , June 17 2021

The Iranian government reveals the official crypto-clay, backed by gold

The Iranian government unveiled on January 30 the official gold-backed cryptography. In this way, the Persian side will try to bypass the sanctions imposed by the US government.

This Stablecoin, called PayMon, was developed by the Iranian government and Kuknos, focused on the diversification of assets, in cooperation with the four most important banks in the country. Similarly, the Iranian Fara Bourse, an OTC brokerage bureau, is expected to join, expanding the commercial capabilities of this crypto.

Yashar Rashedi, a developer of a block of the Iranian company, Ragfa, commented on these coins issued by states that:Of course, they can not replace batcinoins because of their centralized nature, but its existence is harmless"He also added:Even when [las criptomonedas emitidas por bancos centrales] never find widespread daily use, they can offer some new features to new companies and developers who have had to work with a centralized API of the banks ahead of them".

The development of this currency is part of a bigger project in which they hope to develop and implement the free movement of crypto-floods with fiduciary support that could be used by ordinary citizens and banks in financial operations.

This project was created in response to the blockade of Iranian banks from the SWIFT cross-border payment system. Parties excluded from SWIFT are limited in terms of payment of imports or receipt of export payments, which forces them to resort to alternative methods.

Indeed, Iran is already negotiating with the major European economies, seeking support in order to use sovereign crypto-ways as an alternative to payment. Mohamed-Reza Modudy explained that the major European economies are interested in Iran's proposal:Representatives from Switzerland, South Africa, France, England, Russia, Austria, Germany and Bosnia visited Iran to hold relevant talksand ".

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