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The Kangrey bride asked between the tears to stop sharing the alleged young body

Last Sunday's body Sebastian Leiva in Bolivian altiplano. The young man better known as "kangaroo"It was a very specialized staff, but he was finally his friend.

Then, his inner circle turned social networks into unhappy loss. being Araceli Diazhis pregnant girlfriend, one of the most affected by her premature departure.

The young woman had already called a few days ago, demonstrating her belief that they would find him alive. But it was not.

Then he was silent for several hours after the news broke, but he broke it with a post on his account at Instagram.

"I do not know how I'm standing, I do not know how to write, maybe because my arms do not write but my heart wants to squeeze and tell you so many beautiful things … Our love was so great that it did not have a day, when you tell us how much we love, "he said sadly in that social network, supported by thousands of network users.

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I do not know how I stand, I do not know how I write, maybe because my hands do not write, and my heart wants to squeeze and tell you so many beautiful things. I would like to tell you personally, but at least I will agree to say it again and again. Our love was so great that there was no day when we did not say how much we loved. From the very first day, we realized that we were those people that fate had prepared for our lives. From this first day, I thank God for putting you in my way because he has given me the opportunity to meet such a beautiful person as you. Notwithstanding all prejudices, from the wrong image many of you may have, nobody knows you as your neighbors. the people who really had the opportunity to meet you and I say "opportunity" because knowing that you should have been a privilege for many. Good friend, good brother, good son, good man and not good, but the best. Loyal, modest, sincere, good, merciless and endless, perhaps many of them are, but they are overflowing with you. I appreciate every second I lived with you, thank you for filling me with love with a person so tender and full of beautiful feelings. You treated me as a princess, I filled my days with happiness, you cared more about my life than I did. I will never forget when you told me that this was the little angel God sent you, and you too. I will never forget your voice, every beautiful word you told me everyday, that was your little, little girl you would take care of with your life. So did you until the last day of your life. We had a million plans … in my belly I carry something that is as much to me as yours, something that was the product of this beautiful love. I know how much you long for the arrival of your little one, I know how much she loved her all the time. I will advance, I swear, for her, for you, and will tell her by the last day of her life what a wonderful father she had. I love you and will love you until the last day of my life.

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They sent him a picture of Kangy's body

There were not even two days after Sebastian Liva's death, so the alleged pictures of his corpse have expired. The alleged postcards started to get virused through WhatsApp, but there was a drop that was overflowing the glass.

This morning, Araceli Diaz Communicating with the morningwelcome"The reason the girl told the air that pictures were sent to her partner's body. That's why he called them to stop sharing these strong images.

– I feel really bad. It's hard for me to talk because I'm in great pain, "the girl said, and she quickly cried.

"Yesterday I went to bed very sad because they sent me a picture without wanting to see it, so the least I wanted was to see something like that, to keep it in my head," she explained with tears.

"I did not want to stay with this image. Yesterday I saw her again today. I really feel very ruined, "said Arasei Dias, describing this as".extreme evil".

– I did not mean to talk. I wanted to stay away from all this because I'm so bad I did not want to talk to anyone (…) But I woke up with so much pain, so frustration. You want to tell people to stop because we suffer, not just me. I can not believe how are people so bad, so painful"Add a six month pregnant girl.

And he continued, "They shared the image, but Send them to me? What's the end? I do not understand it I say, "now you can share the image," but what's the end, "break after that sentence.

Then Tonka Tomicic decided to interrupt the telephone contact, explaining to the audience that such suffering would hurt her baby.

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