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The Miracle! Colombia defeats Chile in the final breath and is still on the way to the World Cup in Poland

January 25, 2019 – at 07:30


Writing El Pais

Damn, dramatic and even unthinkable, was the ranking of Colombia's national team Sub 20 to the ultimate hexagon of the South American category, after winning the last minute to Chile on the final date of Group A of the race.

The national team plays less with a player to drive away Jáder Valencia in the 40th minute in the first half. And to finish, the zero link did not serve to make progress.

However, those led by Samaria Arturo Reyes had pride, they went ahead and finally achieved the same goal of suffering that the game was.

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After a series of fights in the Australian area, Carlos Questa pushed the ball to a final 1-0 when it was only a few seconds to complete the tie in the Tenignante de Rancagua stadium.

This agonizing goal, when everything seemed to indicate that the national team would return empty-handed, was a fair reward for a team that, despite its serious definition problems, was very committed.

With triumph Columbia reached seven points and was classified as a hexagonal third, just behind the selection of Venezuela and Brazil.

Quest is one of the pillars of Colombia's classification. Before the expulsion of the striker Valencia he became indispensable in the defense and did not lose a duel with the Chilean strikers.

He then led the team from his role as captain to achieve the goal that was elusive during the game. The joy that unleashed the annotation was hardly understandable.

Now, Colombia will face Venezuela and Brazil again and expects to confirm the Group B qualifiers that are set today to know the other rivals who will face the hexagon delivering four places for the World Cup in Poland.

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