Thursday , July 29 2021

The moon has a "dark side" and is photographed

China has published through Chang's 4 new and unexpected photos of the hidden side of the moon as it prepares for a new recognition phase.

Daily writing in Venezuela

The Chinese mission surpassed all initial expectations and everything indicates that it will go on longer than expected. And it is that the Landing Module Chang & ee 4 and Rover Yutu 2 are currently in hibernation mode after exploring the "dark" side of the moon surface.

The probe landed in the 186-kilometer crater Von Kármán on January 3, 2019, near the south pole of the moon on its dark side.

Both modules explore the geological and chemical differences between the two sides of the moon. Because of your orbit, from Earth, you always see the same person. The Moon spends day and night in both of its faces, and now Chang 4 and Yutu 2 withstand the moon night that lasts for about two Earth weeks.

After landing, the modules have managed to survive four days and four moon nights, or what is the same, approximately 29.5 days on Earth.

Since April 12, both have entered hibernation again, according to the Planetary Society. The mission was to continue three lunar days, according to, so everything that has happened since the end of March has been additional to the CNSA's National Space Administration (CNSA, the acronym in English).

If both Apparatus and Rover survive this fifth moon night, the new study cycle is likely to begin on April 28th.

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