Thursday , June 17 2021

The new Apple AirPods will have the expected functionality

Enough has already happened road from the first start on AirPods so it's time for a new version of this device with more tricks in your sleeve. 9to5Mac found in the beta version of the next one iOS versionApple's Mobile Operating System, a road for something that will include the new version of these hearing aids.

The process of configuration new AirPods sample they can answer voice commands, without having to use your hands or gesture, you simply recognize its phrase the voice of his owner,

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This is already done by iPhone and iPad some time ago and it works very well, the point is that Siri is not an assistant who is on the job, or something like that Google Assistant or Alexa from Amazon, but for more tasks basic how to start a workout, change the song, or activate a Siri recipe.

They may appear one of these days and that the carrying case can withstand wireless charging,

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