Thursday , June 24 2021

The new cry of Pep Guardiola

The signing of French De Jong from FC Barcelona also left the coals Manchester City and especially on Pep Guardiola, who sighed for him. In fact, this move has now triggered a response in the form of a complaint from Coach Coach citizens, which reminds of other statements made in the past by Santpedor.

– I'm not disappointed with it. It's almost impossible to compete with Barça or Madrid for the prestige they have, the league they are in, and the incredible clubs. Players must have the freedom to choose. If they do not, it's because they prefer another club and you have to respect it and look for another alternative. The reality is that not just one or two teams pay a lot for salaries. There are many. Previously, rumors always talked about PSG and City. That's over. There is a lot and we can not compete with itsaid the preparatory.

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