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The obscuration of the star node causes a full two-hour transaction stop

Stellar's blockchain network (XLM) stopped confirming transactions for two hours on May 15th after managers confirmed they had entered a social networking user.

Stellar, whose symbolic lumen is currently the eighth largest crypto-float by market capitalization, was completely shut down on Wednesday for about 110 minutes.

The reason is obviously a mass disruption to the stars of the Star Foundation (SDF), which is used by most of the network.

As a result, other participants failed to reach consensus on the blocks, and no transaction was confirmed until the developers solved the problem.

"I really hope that after this event, we will have a real debate about decentralization as well as strategies to achieve this decentralization," said Reddit user u / cryptobrant after pointing out the problem. User continued:

"The more the network grows and the newcomers always trust the same nodes, the harder it will be to achieve decentralization."

The XLM shows significant volatility during the break, but returns to an increase of 23% for 24 hours until the time of printing. The current XLM / USD prices of $ 0.148 are the best performance of the brand since early December.

Stellar, however, did not escape the criticism of its structure from other parts of the crypto industry, and the former CEO of the R3 blockchain consortium, Tim Swanson, also suggests that he has a limited appeal as a platform.

"What actually happened is that a critical mass of nodes has crashed, causing cascading failure, and that's why the whole network has fallen, but as it is not used often, few notice it." sum up in Twitter.

In an apparent attempt to increase the knowledge of the subject, Stellar teamed up with's bag vendor to hand out $ 125 million tokens in November last year.

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