Sunday , June 13 2021

The official troubadour released a song in favor of the Venezuelan regime

MIAMI, United States. – Cuban singer and composer Raul Torres has released a new musical theme in defense of the Venezuelan regime, the Cubadebate digital portal announced on Wednesday.

The musical piece titled "Tambores de la Paz" started as part of a global campaign popularized by the Telesur network against the world's wars and, according to official Cuban media, it is a song against the constant aggression of the United States and threats to the war against Venezuela.

Torres accompanying Torres in the interpretation of the song are young Cuban musicians who also appear in the audiovisual material that accompanies him, directed by singer and composer Mauriceio Figuarial.

"Tambores de la paz" is Rasoul Torres' least invasion of the political song. In this way, the troubadour, a member of the Cuban People's Assembly, extended his extensive worksheet to the regime's office, a musical catalog led by topics such as "El regreso del amigo" ("The Ride with Fidel" (as a sign of respect to Fidel Castro) and "El último mambí" (Compiled for Raul Castro).

As part of the song distribution campaign, Cubadebate has urged Internet users to be part of the Tambores de la Paz. To do this, users have to record a video by singing a verse of the song and then sending the Telesur material.

The aim of the initiative is to create several versions of the original video and to share content on the social networks of Venezuelan state television.

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