Monday , June 14 2021

The Opportunity investigation will be declared lost by NASA on Mars

Cape Canaveral. NASA will make a final attempt to recover Communicating with the Opportunity Probe on Mars before you give it for loss forever.

The probe stopped transmitting information for eight months after an intense dust storm. In the middle of last year, the Martian sky faded from dense dust and for months blocked the sunlight from the photovoltaic panels of the device.

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NASA's Opportunity probe may be lost on Mars. Photo: NASA

NASA said on Tuesday it would broadcast the latest series of recovery commands, in addition to more than 1000 already sent. If there is no answer for Wednesday (according to NASA it will be so), the probe will be declared dead 15 years after arriving on the red planet.

The probe is the one that works most on Mars

Team members study the Opportunity's achievements, confirming that once the water has moved to Mars. The probe is the one that lasts long on Mars. In addition to its stamina, six wheels passed a record 45 kilometers (28 miles). His twin sister, the probe of the Spirit, was declared dead in 2011, a year after crashing into the sand and interrupting communication.

NASA's Opportunity probe may be lost on Mars. Photo: NASA

Both probes exceeded life expectancy and expectations of achievements on opposite sides of Mars. The golf carts were designed to perform geological activities only three months after they landed on Mars in January 2004 in airbags that bounced off the red planet. The probes came out of Cape Canaveral with a monthly difference in 2003.

It's no easier to say goodbye to Opportunity than Spirit, said project director John Callas. "This is like a loved one who is missing, and man keeps the hope that he will appear and be healthy," he added. "But every day that passes reduces this opportunity and at one point you have to say" enough "because life continues."

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