Sunday , June 13 2021

The presence of large breasts increases the risk of death from breast cancer

A new study shows that breast size can be used to predict the level of survival in case of suffering breast cancer

The researcher, Paul WilliamsA scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, found that the risk of death from breast cancer was reduced by about 40% in women who were physically active compared to those who did not comply with the exercise guidelines. The study appeared in the online edition of PLoS One magazine in December.

How does the size affect?

To carry out the study, Williams and his team followed closely 80,000 women for 11 years. They all participated in national studies on the health of runners and pedestrians. Approximately 33,000 women are pedestrians and about 46,000 are runners.

By the time they entered the study, none of the women were diagnosed breast cancerEveryone reports the distances that have gone or been running every week, in addition to the size of the cup and the weight and body height.

Those who meet these training guidelines are about 42% less likely to die of breast cancer than those who did not. These guidelines recommend two and a half hours of moderate activity, one hour and 15 minutes of intense activity, or an equivalent combination during the week.

The amount of exercise that has been found to be protected against breast cancer is: a walk about 7 miles (about 11.25 km) or about 5 miles a week. Women with little time available can choose to run instead of walking, he said. Williams,

The study found that women with a cup size C had four times the risk of death breast cancer that those who had cup size A, Those who have cup size Dor more, they were at risk 5 times higher of those with an A size.

Higher levels of estrogen are a known risk factor for breast cancer, Williams says. Women with larger breasts have been shown to have higher levels of estrogen than those with smaller breasts if they have a narrow waist, but not if they have a wider waist, he said. It is more likely that women who are physically active will have a narrower waist than the sedentary.

Other healthy habits that could reduce the risk of cancer include maintaining a healthy body weight and restricting alcoholic beverages to one per day or less.

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