Sunday , November 29 2020

The price of the dollar in Mexico for today, Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Exchange rate Banamex | SAT | Mexican Peso Economy markets

on exchange rate on dollar in Mexico on Tuesday rose against the strength of the currency as the market expects relevant economic information, in particular data on economic growth United States from the country run by Andrés Mabuel López Obrador (AMLO) that will be known in the coming days.

on dollar His quote was 18.9341 Mexican peso per dollar, up 0.58% or 10.88 cents against 18.8253 pesos of Reuters reference price on Monday.

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"The Mexican peso is under pressure … in the midst of a total dollar power." The Mexican foreign exchange market is still awaiting the release of US GDP data, which will be published this week (Friday) in search of signs of Mexican peso's power. the largest economy in the world, "said analysts at CI Banco in their report.

Markets await disclosure of. T PBI The United States will be known this week as a sign of the power of the largest economy in the world.

"The market expects in the first quarter of the year that the economy has grown by about 2% annually," the Bank Bank report said.

"There is still a low liquidity in the forex market, which, coupled with the publication of little information related to the Mexican economy, has led the peso to other currencies of emerging economies," the bank said.

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