Sunday , July 25 2021

The Spanish company launches a prepaid CriptoNoticias crypto-credit card

2gether's joint banking platform announced an agreement with Visa's renowned payment processor to create a prepaid credit card with cryptoLite. This financial instrument will have a startup Can be used in the 19 countries of the European Union (EU).

According to a press release sent to the editor, the service is available from April 10 and allows users to convert cryptoLooks for euro for I spendon wherever Visa cards are accepted, immediately and tax free

CriptoNoticias talks with Chief Executive Officer 2eger, Ramon Ferraz, To know the details of this new product, as well as the company's motivation to design this tool.

According to Ferraz, the company believes that the adoption of cryptoLights is increasing and that they will be used in connection with the EU fiduciary currency. "In 2gether, we think that cryptocellulites will gradually penetrate the population and it will coexist with the euro in the day-to-day financial management of the people, "he explained.

The executive power He described the process of making cryptographic payments through these cards. Users must create an account on the 2gether platform and load their wallet wallets. For this purpose, cardholders can use BTC, EOS, XRP, BCH, ETH and LTC. The balance can be added from the bag, the exchange house or by purchasing it directly on the platform.

At the time of payment, 2gether calculates the amount of cryptopillus that the product or service spends, sells that amount in exchange for a euro, and closes the deal with euro trading. However, the settlement of the transaction with trade, as well as the sale of Crippto on the market and treasury management, are carried out in separate streams, so that the Visa payment time (microseconds) can be fulfilled.

Ramon Ferraz, Chief Executive Officer, 2gether.

We asked the CEO of 2gether why they decided to use Pecunia card payment instruments, especially Pecunpay. He pointed out that this payment processor understands the business model by developing services to facilitate end-user experience using the payment processor.

We use this opportunity to know what mechanism the service will support over time, especially because the launch highlights that no commission will be charged,

Ferraz was ambitious and assured that "in the future," the company will be distributing services to the Spanish financial industry, though without offering more details about the type of products. "This distribution will generate revenue for the 2gether.All 2gether's revenue will come from different sources to the user, plus 2gether will return the user portion of this revenue to 2GT (platform symbol), generating the 2GT platform search on the market and hence value for consumers, "he said.

Spain's Visa General Manager, Carmen Alonso, was optimistic about this deal. "We value the opportunity to cooperate with Fintech as a 2gether to develop cutting-edge payment solutions for businesses and consumers," he said.

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