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"The Walking Dead" prepares a very strong moment of comics

In the second half of the ninth season of The Walking Dead, one of the moments most memorable by comic fans will be held. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrea Kahn explains what will be seen in the new circle of chapters,

Warning, possible spoilers of "The Walking Dead"

"We'll see the Harvest Festival"Kang announced. In the comic book, this festival is one of the most shocking moments, because in them, Alpha's murderer leader killed more than a dozen survivors and puts their heads in the shovel to scare Rick. In the comic book, two of the victims are Rosita and Ezekiel.

"The festival becomes part of history this season", Kang said, "We have given much attention to the importance this festival has for the characters of origin, it is supposed that this is an opportunity to get raw materials that they can not get everyday. a place where they can learn new skills and the opportunity to join different communities",

Kahn does not mention any deaths, so it may not happen just like a comic book. However, knowing the paths that made the series, it would not be surprising if several heroes were killed, although they are not exactly those of the comic book.

There will be memories

In the same interview Kang assures that we will see in the new chapters more memories that explain who the new characters are and why they act like thisThere will be more than one "They will be different every time"The new chapters will also follow Negan's steps now that he has left his cell: "I think we have a great story with Negan, now he has his own adventure",

The new episodes of The Walking Dead will arrive February 10,

10 Things to Change "The Walking Dead"

1 Delete frames that interfere with the underlying story
Delete frames that interfere with the underlying story

In these two eternal episodes, in which Daryl and Beth talked about the life they would like and for whom they should fight, we all touch the mud beside themSince it was a great pleasure from survival, which has prepared us a team of screenwriters. What a way to end the long start of the week. What a way to live a strange experience like local anesthesia. That's why we believe in that it is better to fill space and time with rough and inappropriate materials as if it were a regional television programWe are in a place where everything has to revolve around persecution, hunting between the two countries. What does not leave time even to the complaints that are attributed to the viewer with speed, chaos (within the order of figures) and a lot of thriller. "The Walking Dead" needs tension to reach a steady levelIt needs the moments of impact, like the grotesque killings of Glenn and Abraham, not giving way to statements, to rotate without a hook. It has to restore the intensity and the ability to create uncertainty. He was still lost in the war, Scotty.

2 Reformulate Negan (or kill him damn)
Reformulate Negan (or kill him damn)

The verve straight to the jaw is exhausted. Lucille is no longer glued to the skull, as beforeIt was obvious that Negan would not finish with Rick on his first chance, but at least to follow the sequences, applying the logic of vengeance that has been preparing for months. How little you can run forward and not escape, with all the consequences if the sheriff pulls the revolver and the ax and gives him a bat with a barbed wire and a name. It can be classified as a confrontation or violence, but rather it was a rather cumbersome little battle of the ego that ended in the Negatist decalogueNo, no, no, we will not leave this end. But maybe in this coup will be kill one of the two poles the fiddler finds The Walking Dead & # 39; reason to continue playing at our dinners on Monday.

3 More power (really) for women
More power (really) for women

We know that Maggie has become the Woman in the Universe "Walking Dead". We know he manages in his own way at Hilltop. We know his profile has become a damned prosecutor. But we also know that idiotic nature, as Simon humiliates the Whisper, praying a coffin to bury another pointless characterNobody is trying to rebel, no one is considering the possibility of pulling his feet out of the pot. And this, Scott, gives us so much anxiety. The problem is that the Big Collision formula has been repeated with exactly the same variables that act at the same time at the same rhythm.

We did not have enough with the Danish performance that fiction offered with the most impressive clip of its trajectory, and now it would become the marmot day. It is too important to give a handful of strategies that the family has planned to solve in some way so few ambitiousA clear example is that the secret plan of Mihoun, Tara and Daril is his main supporter and leads to the exercise of Dick Dastardly. Kirkman is a choral series where a hero like Carroll has repeatedly rescued his companions, some incredibly, as if it was not something to do with it. And in this shade is the beauty of all this; It is capable of taking initiative, carrying it out and taking it to a good port, then leaving it without too complex methods. Shoot and do not ask. Rick, you talk too much.

4 Kill Carl, Ezekiel, Richard, and Simon. Let them be stupid.
Kill Carl, Ezekiel, Richard, and Simon. Let them be stupid.

At the boundary of TV decency, it was time for us to claim in the inner core of collective unconsciousness "Walking dead" a lot of time (both in the scenario and in the offices of AMC): the last breath of Carl GrimesAfter conducting the most applauding fictive liberation movement in recent years, the beloved son of Alexandria was hit by the main danger of the first seasons: walkers. Those creatures, even forgotten by their own creator, returned to play their hands and bingo, They have found the treasure we all soughtSo, Scott, killing Cendler Riggs by arrangement – even his father went into the dark, condemning the decision – can not turn into Deus Ex Machina to those he loves in AMC (we are referring to Glenn's example).

Another important point is that of Ezekiel, a man who, frustrated that he did not fulfill the responsibility he gave after the death of Shiva for the cause, prefers to hide himself in the throne of paper. Moments later, reaches and gets a brave idiot that is late by a real leaderIn any case, we also refer to the "end" of your participation in How it should be, the series should end without it. Of course, if a good shout, the bad should also do it. Richard and Simon they are two subordinates to Negan, who fit well in the profile of the boss who does not know very well why he is. They will be celebrating deaths and give arguments to the owner of the bat grail to doubt his position in the world.

5 Turn Boredom into Mad Max
Turn Boredom into Mad Max

We know that George Miller will not solve the mess, but it will not be a bad idea to turn into a powder barrel, where rhythm and morality (without morality) replace static and predictable character who took the series. Something like a collection of moments like the shooting that Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry and the company suffered, but without emphasizing it thirty times before it happened, and with a dynamic camera. We do not want an impersonal slave to hang out of some speakers and knock on the guitar just a little less than what is called conformism,

6 Decrease head time (or chapters per season)
Decrease head time (or chapters per season)

One of the main problems we find in The Walking Dead is that it contains many chapters in which, literally, nothing remarkable is happeningThere are others in which the things that are happening do not affect two or three closing heads because the main storyline takes a 45 minute scenario and leaves no space with some good judgment of minor deviations. That's what you get a marked tendency to fill the time, which explains the surplus of stupid situations and eternal conversationsIf instead the head time is reduced or the number of heads per season (to those that remain), there will be a concentration of events that would give us through osmotic blinding vital intensity. Density with dynamics is welcome. Density without it should not exist.

7 Kill Jesus, give the word
Kill Jesus, give the word

Not literally, but morally. One of the most authoritative voices in the literary literature is that of Jesus, a character that is not accidental messianic, with the hair and the name of God, which never lets the guts take over the temple. In some cases, his recommendations have led to situations where we are all disappointed. Revenge acts by instinct, and this was canceled in "The Walking Dead," because his heroes have grown in the conscious field. That he, as Morgan already did, advocates linguistics, but it does not make sense Yes, this avoids getting to the hands, and this in this series is a very serious difficultyMoving into action and abandoning the word is something we strongly recommend to our friend and neighbor Scott.

8 Let the silence (with) return!
Let the silence (with) return!

In the first seasons, the sound of cycling causes the unbearable heat of the summer It has contributed significantly to the creation of a suppressive, claustrophobic and extremely dense atmosphereSilence has played a crucial role in building this ecosystem in which all bad smells increase and leave us oxygen-free due to inflammation. The "Running Dead" was a fiction in which the words were fair but sharp. The time between a line of dialogue and the next did not sleep the sheep, but it gave a sense of loneliness, dry desolation and eternal starvation.It was lost in the noise of the battle against the governor, this enemy that frightened strangers, and for two seasons with its peculiar mass psychology.

From then to now the Kirkman series has confused the silence with dead times and has underestimated the spoken word, overloading internal stories with hook-free conversations there is no interest in inspiring the viewer. We believe it is fair and necessary that heroes stop watching the emptiness in silence if they do nothing to the story, they do not talk too much if there is no reflection to illustrate (as they did when we met Herschel, Maggie Beth) about human relationships in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Silence is a two-edged swordGregory.

9 Mercerry and Oceanuside, for weapons!
Mursery and Oceanuside, for weapons!

As the time with Mishon showed, the release of The Walking Dead releases too much the impact it creates with certain charactersWhen our beloved champion entered the stage, dragging two impersonal walkers with chains, the illusion of seeing cruelties in a series that lends himself to him is growing exponentially. After several chapters it turned out she was a wanted and trained woman, but with a few fears and bad habits. The family saved her, Rick fell in love with her now it's a flange that does not make too good decisionsIts evolution existed, but not the place we originally believed.

The focus of this point is that both Scavengers and Oceanside, each in their own way, they have not made us care too much about what is behind themThe origin, the reasons why they can really fight, or the reasons why they only fight for their own integrity. In them, relatively numerous groups that are not defined or polluted by stagnation of the seasons have a percentage of hope that everything will change, so that this war in which we are submerged ends and we can all leave the ship with a foot on the ground and not jump overboard, Greater depth, more will and, above all, more sense on his screen.

10 finalizing

Is that. This comes once and for all what, in the depths of the walking soul, we all want, will be the best way to suture the wound. We do not want another case.right".

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