Monday , June 14 2021

These dangers lead your car when you fill the gas tank

Do you usually fill your gas tank? Here we share three reasons to stop doing it

The action of refueling is not something many drivers like to do, it takes a lot of time and becomes a monotonous and annoying routine. that's why many fuel buyers decide to fill their full gas tank so as not to have to stop at gas stations permanently.

There is also a belief that this is said maintaining a full gas tank helps the fuel to consume or consume less fossil liquids, among other benefits. Maintaining the tank full or full capacity can not only harm the environment but also your car.

A recent Road Show report reports that, although most people think filling the gas tank of the car has three consequences:

1 – This could damage your car

According to the publication of the cars, every car sold in the USA since 1971 has a closed system for capturing and burning the greenhouse gases (greenhouse gases: those that pollute the environment) that are produced in petrol tanks. The complex set of chemicals for coal, pipes, valves and sensors make up this system, which is designed to work with petrol vapor rather than liquid fuel. Thus filling up the tank and repeatedly can cause a state of Check the engine which will prevent the car from passing an emissions test and may cost hundreds of dollars or more for repairs.

2 – You spend more money

When you fill your tank too much, the surplus flows into a small drain under the throat of the fuel filler, and even in your shoes, you can also return to the gas pump, in which case it means that your money is paid back to the gas station, so recover part of its own gas.

3 – You pollute the environment

Overfilling can replace the vapor recovery nozzles found in many pumps, the paper explains. Although this is not a big gas release, there is no reason to do so, as the first person who breathes the emissions will be you.

Fill the gas tank too much, save fuel?

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