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This is the world's newest football stadium

January 26, 2019, 6:47 pm
Updated January 26, 2019, 7:54 pm

From the top of the stands, on the horizon, Altiplanno and the snow are close.

The highest court in the world, where football is played in the first division, this Saturday, is in the Bolivian town of El Alto.

The municipal stadium, also known as Villa Ingenio Colossus, is 4150 meters above sea level.

The new playground is the home of Always Ready, a historic Bolivian club that returns to the first division in 28 years and decides to move its headquarters from La Paz to neighboring El Alto.

"We are at the foot of the hills, it's like playing in the mountains," said Fernando Costa, president of the new BBC Mundo team.

Bolivia is a country that, despite the repeated questions of its neighbors, has always defended the professional practice of football at high altitude.

For this reason, Costa points out that for them "it is a great pride" and a "historical fact" to take professional football in a city that has hardly witnessed a handful of first division divisions in the past.

From the stands you can see the snow peaks that cross Altiplano ABI

The Colossus

The El Alto Stadium was opened by Evo Morales in 2017, but by the end of last year, building and renovation tasks were completed to be used in professionalism.

It has a capacity of 25,000 people, a courtyard with synthetic synthetic grass, a terrace railing, a press room, a gym, dressing rooms and boxes.

Only the previous week was approved by the Bolivian Football Federation to play Bolivia's professional league matches.

Always Ready's gamers, managers, and fans nervously accompanied this check-up and celebrated with applause when the authorities announced that Colossus had passed the exam.

El Alto, the state-owned state, will be home to the Always Ready Club, the first division in Bolivia ABI

Conmebol, in a report published on its website, highlighted the modern drainage system and construction.

"Bolivia will have the world's tallest arena, the stadium built in Villa Ingenius, in the city of El Alto," the report said, when the sports arena is still under construction.

In the past year, the Colosseum has been used for exhibition and promotional games.

Always Ready hopes to fill the stadium in all of its first ABI divisions

Previously, Victor Agustín Ugarte, in the Bolivian town of Potosie, at 3900 meters high, was the highest field in which professional football was practiced. There they played Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamerica.

The historic record of high-level professional football took place in the Peruvian stadium Daniel Alsides Carrion, where the Serie de Pasco Union Minas came to play in the first division at an altitude of 4380 meters between 1986 and 2001.

The city and the team

El Alto is a city founded 33 years ago, but is now the second most populous in Bolivia.

The majority of the population has a local background and is one of the most economically developed in recent years.

Considered a city of popular classes, more and more successful ventures are emerging from this city.

Always ready to return to the first division of Bolivia after 28 years CONTENTS ALWAYS READ

In the friendly games he has always played this year, he has received significant support from El Alto's population.

So the club's president believes the fans will fill the stadium during the Bolivian championship, which begins.

"We have 85 years of existence, we have created professional football and we are very happy to introduce El Alto, we have received great support, we are very happy for the massive support of Altea fans," concluded Fernando Costa.

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