Sunday , June 20 2021

This may be the official name of Terminator 6

The sixth part of the saga terminator is under way, and recently her producer James Cameron had no worries to confirm the preliminary title of the new film. It should be remembered that the director was responsible for creating the first film in 1984 and now revealed that the title Terminator: The Dark Tate sounds great for this release.

Result of the image for Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton

James Cameron takes executive production while Tim Miller takes the stick in the direction. For true fans, the sixth film will return the original actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, two unique franchise symbols that will return to the recommendation of the famous film producer.

In addition, the director revealed that he himself had asked for the return of Linda Hamilton in the role of the memorable Sarah Connor, because fans can see her again. In reports to Yahoo! Entertainment, the director said that in this new part of the Terminator you can see a much older Sarah Connor and that has hardened even more over the years.

"Perhaps now he is less enjoyable but stronger, and in some way he becomes a truly important hero, betraying his legacy to the new heroes, it's a film that is very focused on women and I'm glad Tim is he embraced these topics, Cameron said.

In addition to Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna and Diego Bonetta are also part of the squad. The premiere of the movie is expected to be in November this year.

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